Saturday, February 28, 2009

Makan makan

Makan makan seem to be our favourite past time rite?...hmmm wonder what will happen if we stop makan makan ? all slim melim....hehehe

I had a very quiet morning too lazy to do anything except sprawled in bed till 11.30am after doing my washing ..... then decide to fry some bihun.My brother Fandi came with durian roll for me .... yum yum....

The fried bihun and durian cake .........

At 2pm my sis sms to say that bil will be fetching me at 6pm to go for dinner .... ok I still have 4 hrs so thought of taking 40 winks but at 3.45pm sms to say get ready coming to fetch at 4pm....adoi I haven't even shower yet .... so rush and got ready in 20 mintues .... now if you see the photo how come my face so white hmmmm..... in a hurry ler tu .... hahaha .....

We were an hour early fetching my sis Aini at her work place being month end she has to come in on a to kill time we went to nearby fruit market to eat durian at little Adriana's request ............

At the fruit market ..... my model Adriana .........
Ram and Saat came to meet us and we proceed to Far East Plaza to eat at Sakura thai cuisine ....... ni Dodie and Mas sure will remember .... mas dah mkn kan for you .... hehehe

excuse my wayang cina face ye ..... hahaha

we had steam fish,prawns oat,tom yam soup and kailan beef ..........

black peppper beef,lemon chicken,sotong and char kway sumbat sotong ..........
thank you Kam for the dinner ............

We proceed to Gelare for coffee and the above is meant for my b'day cake brownies with ice cream topping ............ they sang .... can't take my eyes of you ....... thanks Saat for the treat too.

My sister Ram gave me a Carlo Rino jewellery case .... with a long pendant in it ......... thanks Ram.
Another day gone .........

Friday, February 27, 2009

My thanks

First of all I like to thank all of you for the comments on my special 59th birthday banyak yg tak percaya saya 59 tahun ... terima kasih kerena bagi saya muda 9 tahun kak ezza .... hehehe

I received smses from ..........

ummi365,laracroft,cikmilah,neeza,wanmommy,norabella,nurazzah8,dodie,yeen,friends and colleagues in Singapore,my dear sisters and nieces ..... and of course to kaklady who sang for me and I always have to finish it for her .... hahaha and again ummi365 who called in the afternoon to sing as well.... and to those who left wishes in my face book.... thank you for making my birthday to remember.

As you know the school celebrated their founders today and we had morning tea with the Minister Dr Vivian thats really is a blessing rite to have such celebration .... just make believe that everyone celebrating for me ..... hahahaha

Students came to my room to wish me happy birthday when someone leaks it out but have to stop them as the Minister is few doors away.

Reading kaklady's entry brought tears to my eyes ..... Anie its so thoughtful of you .... not enough with her song early in the morning and now an entry for all to read.

The students left at 1pm today whilst we stayed till 3pm ............ on the way home I dropby BK to get food to bring home but unfortunately my ward Huda left earlier for home.

Then I found this on the fridge ........

Reading it brought tears to my eyes again ....Huda its so touching you know ....
I ..... well at least I know I am being appreciated.I treat all of you as my own since I don't have any and you are all I have ..... my nephews and nieces.

The chicken burger I bought for Huda and myself ...... I still have one more ... anyone wanna share dinner with me?...come and get it.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another year older

27th February 2009

Hari hari lewat,

pelan tapi pasti

Hari ini aku menuju satu puncak

tangga yang baru

Karena aku akan membuka

lembaran baru

Untuk sisa jatah umurku yang baru…

ooops baru nak belajar BM ... hehehe

photo taken in Oct 2008 during our school Gala Dinner .........

Merindu kasih beria-ria,

Hajat di hati ingin bersua,

Lima dekad hidup di dunia,

Pahit manis ditempuh jua,

Tapikan BI lagi senang kan?....... hahahaha ......

ok here goes......

A birthday is just another day,

more pages added to my folder.

I'm glad of whom I am today,

I would not have myself any other way.

"As one cat said to another: Birthdays are like fur balls-the more you have, the more you gag."
- Marla Morgan

Didn't expect it, to arrive so soon,

I don't think I'm ready,

as I stare at myself in the mirror.

Always believed in forever twenty-one(perasaan hehehe)

Where is my youth with that eternal fun?

Constantly thinking about what is ahead,

During long journey in the train to work,

repeatedly dread....if only I can retire,(ehem-ehem ummi nak retire sesama tak?)

Focused and ready to enhance my Future,

Share insights with friends, over a nescafe 3 in 1.

Life at 59,

I dream of freedom ( macam tak cukup)

with reading and blogging
(part ni kan ummi365 and cikmilah mesti senyum tau)

So much advice and laughter,

I clear my mind,

and this my own destiny I have chosen.



I would like to dedicate birthday wishes to my dear friend Yeen who will be celebrating her birthday tomorrow 28th February and also to mamamia who celebrates her birthday too this month and not forgetting someone's sister who is sharing same day as me.

Happy birthday to all of you and may we always be protected by HIM in health and sickness.

The school is having a big celebration too haha not for me but its our ...

123rd Founder’s Day
1st March 2009
(celebrated on Friday, 27th February 2009)

our guest of honour....

Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan,
Minister of Community Development, Youth and Sports

yeah tomorrow is halfday ...... hahahaha

updated 9.00am

The 27 international students with their country flags awaiting the arrival of our minister Dr Vivian Balakrishnan.

The school present me with this lovely crystal paperweight .... cute eh

My plate of yummy munchies at the reception .... itu sambal udang makan dgn keropok nasi so syiokkkkk..... hehehe ... not bad eh special birthday tea.

The happy look of a 59 yrs old lady ... just taken 20 minutes ago 11am.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Since yesterday I've been wanting to have lasagne so after work yesterday I drop by cold storage to get the stuff intending to cook for dinner tonite since my niece Huda is staying over for 3 days as she has her driving classes these 3 days.

Yes I was all ready telling friends it lasagne for dinner unfortunately it was raining and the road jam so by the time I got home it was pretty late and the mood to cook also disappeared ..... malassssss........jadi nya.

So next best thing to do is to call for delivery ..... its expensive just for the 2 of us and for sure we can't finish them ... my limit is only 2 pcs of pizza but because I was craving for lasagne I ordered 1 for has an offer of 2 for $19.90.......

Here's the pizza ..... and lasagne ..............

While waiting for the delivery I heated the garlic bread I bought from cold storage yesterday ... waited and waited by the time it arrives ..... burpppppp dah kenyang makan garlic bread.

The 2 pizzas 1 box untouch and that will be tomorrow's lunch and perhaps dinner too .......

The lasagne I was craving for ..... in the end ate only half of that .... the other half???? ok I will bring to work and have it for lunch I guess *wink*...... I think......hehehehe
Musn't crave for food now ...... in the end tak makannnnnnnnnn .........

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Big coach small coach

Big coach and small coach bags ..... at someone request here are my coach bags in my possession up to now.....last year during my last birthday as you can remember I received 3 bags 2 from Aini and Kam and another from Maria.

I can't seem to find the handbag picture but you can refer to last year entry somewhere in march '08......hehehe

This is from my nephew Rudi who bought for me during his work trip to states sometimes in september/october '08 I am yet to use it .... dunno when?????

During my holiday in December/January I had the opportunity to grab a few of them again during a ONE day sale ..... otherwise wouldn't dream of getting them .... too expensive!!!

The above 5 pieces I repeat 5 bags big and small ..........all of the above....I just snap the pictures half an hour ago see the price tags still there ..... and today I proudly use the big one to work ..... hehehehe

Maybe one day I may put these up for sales .... do you think I can get a buyer????? so keep watch on this space ya ..... the first one to comment will be the winner so remember keep coming back.

This year I receive 2 more of coach bags from Aini only last week as an early b'day gift ..........
I may need to rent a room to store my coach bagss.......hahahaha

Western or Asian?

The last 4 days I've been taking cereals with milk every morning but somehow I am now getting sick of it ..... hehe.... if we are so used to our asian taste nothing can change that rite? So this morning when I was in the kitchen its not cereal again please .....

I had the above but with ......

my 3 in 1 nescafe ..... can't do without it ...... ok ok those tablets that can be seen are my daily dosage for blood pressure and glucosamine for my joint....
While reading the paper and taking the cereals .... I was thinking of something yummy and since I still have half an hour before my shower .... I began to fight with the utensils and ole ..............

I fried mee goreng ..... and thats my lunch and dinner today .... see kalau nak seribu daya..... hahaha .... the omelette was leftover from saturday.

Close-up .... anyone care to share with me? ..... it looks so yummy ..... burpppppp.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Early gifts

My sisters Aini and Ram came to visit me today and I received an early birthday gifts from Aini .... I am sure you can guess by looking at the box below .......

A Coach box so definately a coach bag lah........

Taraaaaaaaa oh another small box again besides the wrapped coach bag .... oolala........

A leather coach sling bag ........

and a coach cards holder .... wow!!!
surprise indeed but its not my birthday yet......hahaha ......
Thank you Aini for the lovely gifts.

Little Adriana also brought gift for me .... see her cute handwriting .... well she is only 5 yrs old.

Crabtree and Evelyn foot therapy and body wash ..... Adriana wak love you too.
My collections of coach bags are expandinggggggggg.

Not forgetting here's wishing Tulipurple and her kanda...... myspace graphic comments