Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ice cream to the rescue

Its a very hot day today that I had to have a second shower now ..... now how I wish it will rain .... hahaha

Billy tried a new kibbles today - compliment from the owner of a pet shop that just open near my place.

This instant ice cream was given to me by Cikmilah when I was in KL in April last year and only get around to do it this morning.

I packe make 4 cups of ice cream ....

it turns out yummy and just look at that lovely texture ..... next time can add cut strawberries:)
psst cikmilah bolih belikan lagi tak?
Till my next entry.......

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another week

One week gone by since I last made an entry....lazy bug hit me with blogging now and if any of you want to see more of me just add me at FaceBook I am more alive there :)

Another busy week at work since its our 1st week of school begins ... more dats for me to input with expanding number of students and thank god the sickbay wasn't too busy yet.What the followings will bring only god knows.

Here are some pictures of the week taken mostly of Billy the cat....hahaha

taking a snooze in a box

waiting for the flow of water from the washing machine....he loves this:)

in the kitchen hoping mummy will give him wet food:)

I got a box of chocolates from Paul West all the way from UK .... yum yum

my baby fast asleep next to my laptop

an obscene pose from Billy

a book from Jo Mcdonald...thank you.

we both taking a nap......hahaha
till my next entry....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thank god the weekend is over

Yesterday saturday 16th my day starts with busy in the morning making dadih to bring to my sis place in the evening to celebrate my niece Nana's 11th birthday with BBQ at my sis condo... but beofre that I had a wedding lunch to attend of my ex colleague son's at the Marina was nice to meet all my old friends again from Jurong Hospital some whom I last met more than 10 yrs ago.

Here we are from the GM and lab techonolgist ,pharmacist and matrons we finally get to meet again.

with the bridal couple ....yam senggggg..... hahaha

The birthday girl in blue tees ....

her birthday cake done by the sister Huda ....look nice rite?

some of the BBQ meat ...
Then today sunday 17th Jan my niece Syida's engagement at 3pm .... I was busy making kuih cara lauk in the morning to bring over and also managed to do a basketful of assorted chocolates since I have lots at home:)

The kuih cara lauk I did ......

with my niece Syida who as planned the wedding in 2 yrs time ....

Isn't she pretty - picture of jer with her engagement ring in the bird's cage:)

Photo with my sisters and Syida....

Till my next entry ....

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Busy week

This whole week has been a very tiring week to begin with we had 2 days of staff conference held at the Swissotel Hotel ... 2 days full of suggestions and plannings but we also had 2 days of yummy and delicious meals:)

Photos below are some of the activities held on that day but of course the food are the most intetresting ones.....hahaha

Billy and me this morning .... he is getting naughtier each day but a loving cat to have .....

The view above from the 69th floor restaurant - 'Equinox'....

Our chocolate appreciation workshop ....olala...

the best durian pudding I have tasted ... so yummy

lunch at the peranakan restaurant....with me the vice principal Ms Kathleen Manley

my soup ... soto ayam

my muslim set .... lamb chop with sambal crayfish....sedap woo

the principal Mr Kerr Fulton-Peebles ......

lunch on first day @ the Swiss Cafe

till my next entry...............

Thursday, January 7, 2010

OMG 7 days gone by ...

Oh wow 7 days gone by and what have I done this whole week? except for looking after Billy and going to work nothing much been done....except I managed to get a new handphone Samsung Omnia11 no regrets getting it as I can logon to FB from work with my you know the school block few websites.

with the new mobile I've been taking lots of Billy's picture with it and also his video recording.....above Billy watching his own video.

Mosaic shot of Billy's face....

Last night I make tahu telur for dinner and it turned up yummy .....

hehe his reaction when he couldn't share it with me ..... muka masam sekali:)

another mosaic shot from the school garden .... not bad huh this mobile phone?
till my next entry....

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

Selamat tahun baru pada semua semoga tahun 2010 membawa seribu rahmat pada semua.

Kalau tahun 2009 saya bersorangan hingga kedatangan Billy di bulan November dan sesungguh nya biar lah 2010 kami kekal bersama.Dia lah yang menceriakan di masa2 sunyi dgn meow-meow nya.

Hari ni juga blogger Hazia pulang ke KL - dia tumpang berteduh untuk 3 mlm ... semasa di sini saya sempat menjamu makan mlm selepas pulang dari kerja ... masak yg simple tu bolih...

Malam pertama saya hanya gorengkan kway teow aje.

Malam kedua nasi berkuah asam pedas ikan merah dan telur dadar

Semalam atas permintaan dia saya masak laksa nyonya.
hingga di lain entry......