Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our outing continues ....

After we had our brunch we all 3 of us were online luckily I have 3 lappies at home ... each and everyone try to do updating yesterday.

We left for Plaza Singapura almost at 2pm as Dodie want so much to get her arts and crafts stuff and bought she did as she finds the price cheaper than the ones she bought in KL ... let her tell you what she gets from there ok? I gave her 3 hours to browse the place but she took less than that and we ended having afternoon drinks at Toast Box.We have to be home by 6pm as my bro in law coming to fetch us at 7pm for dinner.

The plan was to go to East Coast but due to the rain we ended at West Coast instead....but the food were so yummy .... let the pictures do the talking ya ......

So next time don't have to go to restaurants a food centre gives better deals and cheaper:)

Posing maut babe....hahaha .... we were abt to leave for dinner .....

pose and pose again

After makan all happyyyyyyyyyyy

till my next entry..........

Friday, October 30, 2009

My guests - 2 princesses from KL

My 2 princesses besar finally are here - last August was 2 young princesses wanmommy .... I am blessed that I am having guests thats willing to come and stay with me.... the house comes alive again.

Yesterday Mas & Dodie arrived actually they arrived at 2pm and since I am working their friend Emi went to fetch them at the airport and bring them to her place first till I get home from work.The minute I got home I prepare to cook laksa nyonya this is because when D sms me I ask her what she wants laksa or prawn mee? The rempah was balance of sunday's and I also have the laksa mee so just need to buy fish ball and taugeh only.I waited for them so we can have dinner together but unfortunately they went to another friend's place and by the time they arrived was past 10pm .... I had mine first at 7.45pm too late to wait and moreover I am used to have dinner at that time.

mama elle with her daughters .......

The laksa nyonya I did last night ... and the girls had it and I am glad they enjoyed it ....... hehehe
for the one that cook it - its happiness to see the bowl clean:)
Another day today and we probably will camwhoring again and maybe have a fun day together.
till my next entry .......

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dapur akan berasap insya'allah

Kucing di bawah ni nama nya Billy kemungkinan saya adopt dia tak lama lagi ... umur 1.5 tahun dah hari lahir nya 2 hari sebelum saya....jadi tahun depan kami bolih celebrate bersama:)

Esok dua orang kawan dari KL akan bersama saya hingga hari isnin - suka nya saya ada teman berketawa bersama.... mesti meriah nanti dgn gelak ketawa kami.Saya kena lah rajin jadi agak2 dapur akan berasap untuk 2-3 hari mereka di sini tapi minta maaf ye saya terpaksa bekerja sebab bukan cuti sekolah ... tapi mereka no sweat lah akan tau lah menjaga diri masing2.... buat lah mcm rumah sendiri ye?

Hari ahad lepas saya membuat laksa goreng .... recipe yg mudah ..... lebih nya saya bawa ke sekolah pada hari isnin makoi 2 matsalleh makan ngan saya bukan main suka mereka ... tahan pedas pakcik dan makcik berdua ni.

Mlm semalam teringin pulak nak makan prawn mee jadi bila balik aje terus defrost kan udang dan dlm 45 minit siap lah mee udang saya....saya guna short cut tak yah lah nak mengoreng kepala udang dah tu di kisar halus ..... apa2 pun syiok saya guna rempah soto.

Klau nak tau apa saya masak hujung minggu ni sila lah singgah lagi .... tapi blog ni dah lembab sikit ..... asal dah malas nak update.

hingga bertemu lagi....

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The laziness continues

What can I say looks like my daily happenings will not be updated as frequent again because the lazy bug hit me again ......

Nothing much happen lately only the usual having to redo the isam for transferring the record from ntrix .... days and weeks I've been up to it and after almost done I was told there's changes and here we go again .... editing most parts.....back breaking sitting doing it all 760 students.

I did some cooking for few days since it was along weekend last week ........

I did my own begedil of late because C love the home-made as it has nutmeg in it .... soon my biceps will just as big as those boxers .... haha ....

The vegetarian vindaloo we had on deepavali day with the buddies .....

I make laksa nyonya on monday ... eating alone since no one come to visit now .... and the left over rempah and laksa noodle I fried them with prawns and cockles on thursday morning and brought it to work to share with my friends .. no picture 4got to snap .... I gave our maths teacher Paul Tham to try and he gave the .....

thumbs up

so now I know in future I can do this dish when I have guests .....

The last time I had the above must be more than 15 yrs ago ... mee sua soup.... I did that and it was so nice to have something soupy for a change:)

Here comes the weekend again hmmm..... can't think of what to cook but not interesting if you just cook for yourself the amount of work is the same

Laughing Out Loud

I will probably just laze around again today and tomorrow ..ooopsssssssss cannot I am expecting guests next week so better do some cleaning up.

till my next entry ..............

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sayang mama ....

Garpy kucing kesayangan saya lepas juga rindu saya pada dia asal dapat berjumpa pada hari sabtu lepas ... mmg betul kata nya kucing penawar kita di masa2 yg sunyi dia lah teman kita.

Saya suka mengendong dia tapi mmg banyak kucing yg tak suka di ngendong cuma bolih pertahan 1 minit lambat2 pun mungkin 2 minit.

Hari tu konon nak mengajar Garpy membaca buku tapi dia tak minat lansung...jahat dia!...haha...sayang mama lebih suka bermain aje.

haha Garpy kena dera dr mama supaya membaca ... nanti ke nursery senang dah pandai membaca .... hehehe....tapi saya gagal sebagai cikgu anak murid tak minat!!

Tapi kalau suruh bersenam suka nya dia ... lompat pun bolih ... haha....takpe mama bagi peluang lagi pun sayang mama gemuk sgt tu baik bersenam lah.

akan bersambung di lain hari....

Sunday, October 18, 2009

What I did on Deepavalli

As written in the previous entry it was makan time with my buddies ... friendship of 4 guys and a girl ... friendship between a malay girl and 4 chinese guys.The longest friendship I've had for over 20 yrs and 11 yrs and still going strong .. insya'allah and many more years to come. Sometimes it makes me wonder too how we can get along ,we of different races and backgrounds.I am glad I had no objections from the family as arwah mak always said.."she doesn't mind with whom we make friends or married to as long as we think that we will be happy with our chosen ones"... but should the marriage fail do not regret!Always remember her words .... these are my friends that I have chosen mak and I am happy.The truth I have no malay male friends at all.

The truth its them are all I have to be with and enjoying our meeting always ... friends who understand you well enough that you can joke with and swear with under the sun Blow Kiss love you guys and please be there for me always till death do us part.

So we had deepavalli dinner and the menu too just nice for the occassion ......

I did the vegetarian vindaloo which is an indian dish .... CW doesn't take meat being a vegetarian so have to accomodate dishes that he can eat ... I did begedil too plain ,the prawns been in my freezer since 1st day of raya so yesterday I decide to cook them - sambal prawns ... ooops sorry Mulan and Cath just drool ok?...hahaha....

I also did kuih cara berlauk and durian cara and the guys seem to like the durian filling better and it was a sold out Smile Peter did ask next time can do again ya? ok if I don't get cheated by the ah pek....hahaha
Jereme did the favourite ayam rempah and stir fried veges .... and Peter bake butter cake - ah 4got to snap a picture anyway that recipe I gave him when I was in Auckland in 1998 and he has been doing the cake ever since.

Just look at my handsome boy - Garpy .... oi Garpy your tit showing lah....hahaha

This is Mini - she is very quiet doesn't play much with the rest but likes to glide and rub his head against you when you are sitting down.

Me and sayang mama trying to teach him to appreciate reading but I failed couldn't keep him down as he doesn't like to be carried ... time must use a carrier....hehehe

Just look at him - he can pose for you alright ... photogenic rite?
hey I break my record of updating 2 days in a row . ♫la la la ♫
till my next entry .....

Saturday, October 17, 2009

At last making an effort to update

I've been very lazy to update lately asal dah active kat FB blog dah di lupakan....mcm kacang lupakan kulit pulak.

Anyway nothing much happen lately except been busy at work doing new worksheet updating the students data etc....
Finally 80% of the job done and now waiting for all the students Fin number to insert ....

Last tuesday Bernard celebrated his 77th birthday and he invited us for dinner @ the River View Hotel .... the food so-so lah I only had the mee goreng,nasi goreng,cheese cake,mushroom soup and some fruits.

At Bernard's birthday dinner ... yakking while getting the food to digest before our next round.
I am having dinner with the buddies this evening and I did kuih cara berlauk and durian .... hmm last night like smart Alec bought durian $5/- and $8/- pack ...aiyo uncle you said $8 guarantee syiok but salah lor the $5 one better:)
Kuih cara berlauk just finish doing them....

and cara durian pandai2 sendiri lah nak buat nya .... main agak2 je .....
Till my next entry ......

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy birthday to Hassaan and Hannah

A year had gone by its their birthday once again and they will be 20 this year and thats how long arwah mak had left us.

Hassaan and Hannah take after arwah mak's name ... they are not twins but cousins they were born a few hours apart at 2 different hospitals.

To both of you my dear nephew and niece a happy birthday may all your dreams come true.

Enjoy the movie next year will be a better one:)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Cobwebs everywhere....

I've been too lazy to update of late until cobwebs everywhere in this house better get the vacuum cleaner and suck all the webs away otherwise in time to come you won't even be able to see this house.

Nothing much happen except workwise has been very tight updating students datas as we are processing to change to a new system.Sad to say no one is doing the the datas upon admission for older students that lots of stuff are not entered so aunty nurse is editing them all over.I had to drink 2-3 cup of coffee to keep awake and no wonder the cafeine raised my blood pressure!!so today I stick to 2 cups plus one longan tea:)

The week after raya saw swelling of my left foot that I had to use open sandal to work but alhamdulillah after few days and taking diuretic the swelling gone and I am able to use my shoes once again.

Come next week the year 4's n 6's students are on study leave to prepare for their major exams that is coming in 2 weeks time ... good luck gals and guys!The school will be quiet with at least 300 students away but they will be coming back for remedial and oral.

It looks that not many readers drop by and comment now as we all more active at FB no need to write too much just a line or 2 and friends will feed back.
If you don't see me visiting as often as before please do excuse me aunty nurse active kat facebook.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

till my next entry

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Autumn Festival dinner

Yesterday was the celebration of mooncake festival and its makan time with my buddies once again.Plenty of food to eat last night J did ayam berempah curry,Bernard bought rojak buah and Peter baked talam ubi .. hmm pandai kan bujang2 ni semua tentang masak memasak? and I brought sambal satay and eat as gado-gado with nasi lontong ,tahu,tempeh,cabbage and long beans.

Soon after the dinner we sat watching tv with black coffee to keep us awake....hahaha....and what did the cats do?

its playtimeeeeeeeeeeeee