Monday, August 31, 2009

New addition to the Jellanie family

Ingat tak kat darling Will? hmm dia dah jadi abang kemarin ... adik dia pun lelaki dan nama nya Henry ... Prince William dan Prince Henry typical british kan?

Will lagi berbual ngan adik nya .....

Just after delivery .......
Congrats to the proud parents Adam and Jen and to nenek Maria and papa John ... wah cucu sudah dua and both boys pulak.
Kalau jadi yg kat bawah tu pun nak saya adopt jadi teman kat rumah ... ni sekarang tengah berjinak dengan dia .... faham pulak bila kita berbual ngan dia .... sebetul nya si Garpy sudah pun di bagi nama olih C & J - Garpy Jellanie ..... hahaha .....
Kalau dulu saya geli dgn kucing tapi bila bertemu garpy saya tak takut pulak membelai dia maybe pasal dia suka kat saya kot. Current Mood - Happy bila dia dengar saya masuk pintu aje di keluar cari.Tapi nak jaga garpy kena fikir betul2 dulu ..... sanggup tak? kira2 macam jaga anak tu semua nya nak di siapkan.

Last saturday C banyak amek gambar garpy dgn saya ingat dia main2 rupa nya makoi bukan main banyak video yg di buat dan di cantumkan .... kucing yg suka mengesel saya tu Mini nama nya badan nya kecil aje bab tu di namakan mini kalau garpy teramat berat nak angkat.
Esok tak kerja school holiday satu hari menyambut Teacher's day..... bolih tido lambat sikit.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

He lights up ones life ....

I now realise why people like cats I was never a admirer nor fan of furry animals...even though cats don't bite as much as dogs but the though of 'urgh' was always there not until I met Garpy - the fear all gone but instead it was love at first sight .... hahaha

For the first time yesterday I had company during iftar with my friends at their place all of them were once in New Zealand with me.
I feel safe at their place as they don't eat you know what lah kan ... one is vegetaraian so no meat at home.J fried mee with tofu and vege whilst I brought bergedil and sambal goreng with vegetarian prawns.

Peter who was longest stayed in NZ (4 yrs)finally came home to Singapore but am going back next year too from what he plans last night.J will also be going with another friend length of stay unknown....C will take his holiday when J is settled in Auckland and last night we were talking maybe we all should be there together whilst some stay for good and some of us on holiday!!! huh?NZ again? takmo lah nak pergi lain tempat pulak .... hehehe...

10 years ago 1999 when we were in Auckland having dinner at Sentosa Restaurant .....

10 years later 2009 having berbuka puasa @ Bedok last night home cooked meals ..... from the picture as you can see Peter has lost 7 kg and he wants to go even lower .... told him not to as he will look terrible .... hahaha .... sebetul nya saya jeles.....

Garpy as usual was centre of attention and Peter was shocked when he found out that Garpy may stay with me!!Peter said I can't take Garpy as C will miss him so I jokingly said that if garpy go then C has to follow .. buy 1 get 1 free ..... hahahaha ........

C took some pictures of me with garpy and I put them up in a movie .......

To have a cat in a house I have lots to do for his safety .... I will have to do netting of the windows and my gate need some alterations.Cat litter ,cats food etc all have to be planned esp if he is sick the vet and all.

So at the moment I am sharing Garpy's love .... and to have garpy means I have to share my bed with him too (he sleeps on the bed with C ..... oh no!He sleeps on the bed and others can't or he will chase them away..... jahattttttttt.but he makes good companion.

till my next entry.........

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The night I enjoyed so much ......

The grease musical was superb wish I can watch again but all tickets for the 3 nights sold out ... people been calling asking for tickets.The students were marvellous all their hard work of pratice paid off ... bravo to you girls and boys.


I was seated at a good angle so I managed to record some of the performance ... thats summer night above...

Special thanks goes to the Musical Director Paul West and Paul Hannon as Director of the grease musical.These 2 Pauls really work hard to bring this show to us inspite of their busy schedules in class they did it after school hours.

Mr Paul West our school music teacher and Mr Paul Hannon the school english language teacher who teaches bridging class to foreign students to master their english before they are put into main stream in yr 5 ...... kudos to both you ..... you did a good job ..... muahhhhh.
Infact there are 3 Pauls in the school all teachers besides these 2 Pauls the other is Paul Tham our maths teacher.

Here I am with Paul Hannon after the show ..... after 14 hrs in school I do look tired huh? .....
I couldn't snap a picture with Paul West as he was right infront conducting the orchestra and moreover after the show he was too busy talking with some parents and guests.


Lets swing everyone ..... in this video I managed to video Paul West conducting the orchestra.


There are few videos but will put another day .....

The show finally ended at 10.10pm and by time I got home was 11pm ......

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New muslim stall

We have new muslim stall added to the school canteen since yesterday and only today I took a walk to see how's the response ..... a big crowd I guess its something different than the normal food they've been eating everyday.Besides kebabs they also have ramli burger and assorted prata cheese and sausages.As for price wise its ok affordable from $2.50 to $3.50....I am yet to try because by 4pm all gone.

After the noise I did and some others too here we are a new muslim stall not only catering for the muslim students and staff but also the other races.Anyway its only for 3 months after that maybe another different food.
till my next entry..........

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Grease the musical

Students from the school will be performing 'Grease the Musical' from 27th to 29th August.....every august the Drama and Music class will come up with a show and Grease is this year ..... they have been at it since 4 months ago ... and finally its here and maiden show is on thursday but aunty nurse got complimentary ticket for friday since its at 8pm the show may probably end late at 10pm so at least next day saturday can sleep late.

I remembered last time when grease was shown here all the boys sampai terbawak cara John Travolta walk and everyone seem to be carrying a comb in their pocket....
Well I hope to enjoy the musical this friday and it will bring back old memories of my era....

Since fasting I've been eating alone and I guess this is what life is going to be like now ... I did tell C yesterday that it kinds of lonely this year round unlike previous years my sisters if not 1 at least the other will be at my place esp the weekend.On sunday I cooked 1kg of black pepper beef and I think it will last me till next week.

C sms this morning and invite me to break fast with him on saturday - he may not be fasting but at least he is there to have his dinner with me and of course with J and B too.

I will probably cook 2 dishes to bring over so that J won't have to cook too many himself .....

I change my roster with teratai for this ramadhan month so at least I can knock off at 5pm and buy something on the way back but today I fried kway teow and it was yummy and have leftovers so along with the beef it will be dinner for few days plus the pindang fish.

till my next entry.........

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ramadhan is here again

May we be blessed in this holy month of Ramadhan .... with the passing of time its a year already and here we are once again will be fasting for the next 1 month.

Alhamdulillah the first day of fasting went well and as usual I am alone for iftar ... no one called to say they are coming but nevertheless I did cook fish pindang and a bit of fried bihun.Now I finally open the bar of dark chocolate that J got for me from Canada ... hmmm so yummy but too much almonds my poor molars penat mengunyah....

Population of cats a plenty but no one adopting them and they have become homeless .... C has been busy as caregiver rounding them and send them to be neutered or spayed and having them be adopted or let them free again. He loves animals esp cats to him its compassion ....

Remeber garpy?well he is called Garpy Jellanie now by C and J .... hahaha ....... another member added to the Jellanies now .... and today C sms and said Garpy Jellanie is fasting today ...... oh just look at him sleeping .... worst than one thats fasting!

penat berpuasa kot sampai letih terus tido ..... awesome kan?

To all my friends selamat berpuasa.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Out with Korean In with Malay ......

I am now watching malaysian drama online on tv3 just like any others watching the 2 top shows Kala Hati and Nur Kasih.

Its been 2 weeks since I put the korean drama on hold and these 2 weeks I've been watching the malay drama every night for 2 hrs.If only I ca watch them on tv but unfortunately my area can't get tv3 reception.

Kala hati with Adi Putra from my Singapore ..... wonder who he will choose to marry ....

Nur kasih another family saga between 2 brothers ...... ahhhhhhh will Adam remain as sober now and stay with Nur?...or Aidil secret love will be expose soon ......... and that sly Sarahhhhhhhhhh......lama nya nak tunggu next episode ...... hahaha .....

Just in case if I don't have time to put an entry tomorrow here's wishing everyone .....

Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan.

till my next entry...........

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Little mosque on the prairie

A must watch ladies and gentlemen .......

Mas ask me to watch this when she mentioned this in her face book since I am unable to sleep here I am watching them and hope you'll enjoy it as much as me.

Yesterday I was pissed and screamed at someone over the phone and she is a real nasty staff I've come acrossed.She just joined us leass than half a year and 2 staff left under her.Yesterday was her temp staff last day and she asks for help till her new staff arrive and I am kind enough to cover for her on friday afternoon as she has to go somewhere with the senior teachers but in her email she details work for me to do!!!....Excuse me....I am not your staff I am kind enough to help you out .... she wasn't happy abt it then she called at almost 5pm and ask "if my coming to help is because she(my boss)trying to get rid of me?"....that was a straw and I screamed at her.Since she said such a comment I went straight to my boss and tell her what this bitch just said .... wow!new war started.... my boss march straight to the vice principal office and explod....verdict...aunty elle am not going to help her at all ................ good luck to her!!

For the record she is our librarian .... a bitchy person.

till my next entry ..........

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Date with him

I had a dinner date last evening with my darling .... Garpy .......

There you are Garpy and his innocent look .....
C came to fetch me at 3pm since he was at Woodlands to check on his cats for adoption at the cattery and yesterday 2 of them were adopted by a family chanel and coco.
It has been a long time since I last had this 'I'll come and fetch you' call .....hahaha

We drove to Bedok where they live and J cook mee rebus ala his creation with shredded chicken and pineapple garnishing ... hmm not bad.

The minute I arrive I think Garpy can smell me and came to the kitchen where I was sitting chatting with J then C call and ask me to watch movie with him whilst J busy cooking for dinner.Of course Garpy went along and sit with us.There I was stroking him and scratching him much to his joy,soon after chinky and meimei followed and mini keeps snuggling next to me much to garpy jealousy and C told ' no fighting'..... hehe.... even cats get jealous!!!

Bernard arrive with tahu goreng and fruits and we start dinner ......

J mee rebus he got the recipe from the net ..... cuma kurang taucu sikit but the taste is there.

We sat and chat as usual over dinner and followed by mangosteen and putri salat with mugs of comquart tee.When the clock strike 9 told them I'd better make my way home and C walk me down and wait with me for the cab.

It was nice once again meeting my buddies and guest what?.... sob..sob...they were talking of going back to NZ again .... oh no I am gonna miss them again :(

till my next entry

Friday, August 14, 2009

Have a nice weekend

This year teacher's/staff day will be held on 4th Sept at 12.30pm ( alamak puasa lah).We received our invites today from the PSP and its Mexican Fiesta for this year unlike last year was Arabian Night and aunty nurse hope to win something in the lucky draw again .... hik hik hik ....

The invitation card ......

distributed by Reginald this afternoon ..... ole'

Ni after lunch relax sikit so start to cam-whoring .... hahaha

Staff above 55yrs old received this bath towel from the management menghargai warga emas:) mine is yellow in colour ... thank you.
Yeah don't have to set alarm tonite tomorrow can sleep in ... hehehe ... but have early dinner appt with my old buddies again to celebrate one of them birthday since the following saturday is fasting.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Too much work too little time

Since tuesday I've been busy doing entries for new students again .... too much work going through their forms and as usual these foreign parents don't understand how to fill up the forms so I have to go back and forth .... nothing is complete some without parents particulars,no passport numbers,no parents occupation and the worst when you get parents from China and Taiwan who instead of writing in english they answered in chinese....pening saya.

Most important for me to screen is their medical and hmmm......always never declare..... sitting on an uncomfortable chair for 6-7 hrs is no joke my back really hurt and today I was very sleepy indeed.

As usual si anak korean Soo-Ji will come in to learn more english and chinese and today she came with another extra classmate .... and ask.....'aunty can snap our picture please?'
There the 3 girls on the bed with books and smiling for me.
Tomorrow I still have entries to do ... you be wondering school is coming to end of the year how come we get so many new students? well for international school actually new term starts in Sept...and most of these students are in bridging classes where they don't take end of the year exam.They have to learn english 6 periods daily before we can push them to mainstream class next year.
So much for today mata dah ngantok sebetul nya asal pagi tadi terjaga jam 3pagi lalu tak bolih nak tido balik jadi sehari ni asyik menguap aje lah kerja nya.....hahaha.
till my next entry

Monday, August 10, 2009

Renal .......

Last night soon after dinner and I was watching 'Nur Kasih' online @ TV3 my mobile phone rang and saw my sister Maria's no appeared quickly pick it up and she told me my bro in law was in pain a day earlier that she had to drive him to the emergency dept and they suspect kidney stone and did a scan but no stone seen ... by then he was feeling better so they thought he may has passed it out when he was in the washroom.

But after a good sleep he woke up with pain again at same place .... I spoke to him and ask exactly where the pain is *macam specialist konon*and he describes and it was questions and answers for few minutes and told him the stone/stones is probably too tiny that they couldn't see it and its probably also is stucked somewhere in the urethra and encouraged him to drink plenty of water and take a pain killer and most important to strain his urine incase the stone pass out.At same time they will call the hospital too ..... first thing in the morning when I woke up tried calling them but no answer and first thing came to my mind he probably gone to the hospital.

Luck was with me and I saw my nephew Adam online in FB and ask him to try calling too with same answer but Adam did speak to them few hours before and dad is feeling better after he passed out 2 tiny stones *whew* it was a great relief to hear.

Maria also called back after she got my voice message and where did they go?they went to a neighbour house who also had kidney stone before and his was huge that they had to blast it to small pieces. She will informs the hospital what happen the last 12 hrs ......

I have a helper last 3 days and unlike Zino no ironing semua di tanggong beres ...... so happy .....

till my next entry.........

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Had a great time ....

Yesterday Iwas unable to snap any pictures of our special VIP from the PM office as I didn't go up to the hall for the concert but saw him when he came in but no time to snap a picture.
I was busy doing the attendance entry for the day as Liza was on leave and Ros had to man the reception.

For lunch I had satay with ketupat really very kenyang and by 3pm I was feeling sleepy then they want us to go upstairs and have tea with the milk-fund donation ceremony...aiyo was too lazy and my boss came down with a plateful of fingers food.

The girl in glasses is my korean student Soo-ji , she will come in when she has free period to brush up her english lesson.....

Look at Clarice she sprained her ankle yesterday soon after the concert so had to bandage her rt foot and loan her the hand clutch.

I was busy today preparing for an early dinner as my buddies came and their special request - want to eat lontong.......macam nak raya pulak.

We had great times and J gave me cd where he compiles pictures during our stay in New Zealand .... well 10 yrs ago we have no digi cameras so he's kind enough to scan the pictures.

My buddies C and J and B ..... we sat for 3.5 hrs chatting and eating and watch the video of our stay @ Auckland. Thank you guys for the company and I really enjoyed having you all.

till my next entry.....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy National Day Singapore

Happy 44th birthday Singapore will be celebrated tomorrow in all school here as it falls on sunday 9th August.

We are having a minister from the PM office to come and be with us on this special occassion ..... then after followed by a concert from the students.

At the same time the school is donating $10,000 to the Milk Fund for poor children to enjoy fresh milk in school.Now you see why the children been busy selling all those cookies and muffins etc as money collected from these sales are being donated to charity organisations.
Kudos to the students you did a good job.

The students and staff are given these coloured papers to write about the National Day ..... here are some thats on displayed ...... I was reading them at lunch time and most of them did well in wishing the best for Singapore eventhough there are foreigners.
There are some black sheeps too writing rubbish and one I saw from Zack (anak ADHD) hmm wrote about food instead!!!

If time permits I hope I can snap some pictures during the concert but now a days a bit difficult for me to move about so no promises.
Have a nice weekend everyone.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lazy sunday continue till now

Thats me in lazy mode to blog new happenings .......
The school is back to normal function now no more temperature taking in the morning and that means I don't have to come in early ( no pay back).....
Students have to bring their own themometers to check in class and so far I saw a few of them brought the ear scan ones .... I guess the parents can afford them.

I still get a few of them coming in with sorethroat and fever so off they go to see the doctor and stay away from school.

The canteen is getting worst now the muslim stall is catered in now from the main kitchen and I tell you its tasteless I brought it up few times ... let see if they going to do anything about it.The chicken chop too has shrunk in size.

Come friday I must to remember to wear white and red as we will be celebrating the National Day with guest of honour Mr Lim Swee Say, MP for Buona Vista and Minister in the PM’s Office.School ends at 3pm on friday and then its a long weekend with public holiday on monday .... yahooooooo:)

till my next entry

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lazy sunday

I had a lazy sunday today did nothing just stay in bed watching tv and korean drama .... and best part I cook 'asam rebus fish' but when I was having it for lunch realised I forgot the asam .... adoiiiiii ..... hehehe

My sis Ram sms asking if I want to visit my aunt who just had a surgery done few days ago so come 3.30pm I got ready and off to Cedargrove till 5.30pm.

Came home and did my ironing - the job I hated most but if I don't iron my uniform then I will have to do it early in the morning.

Now here I am online making entries here and at FB.....

Come tomorrow no more going to work early by an hour and a half as we stop doing the temperature taking since Influenza A is already at its peak.So any students with ILI(influenza like illness) I will send them home to see doctor.

A home owner face eviction for having cats in her HDB flat ....

read here .... do help and sign the petition.

Garpy at home ....

till my next entry......