Monday, November 29, 2010

Our first anniversary

A year has passed since Billy came into my life and it has been a wonderful year.From a person who was not only scared but also feels eek towards feline I've learnt to love them as each day went by.

He may not speak my language but all the same I understand his language when he wants things and he knows and listen when I talk to him.

He understands simple command and it brings me happiness:)

My second month with him was a difficult month when he decides to pee on my comforter few occassions ,

the frustration I got when I came home from work and almost wanted to give him up!

I perservere and gave him a second chance rather than sending him back to the cattery.

As the days,weeks and months went by I learn that he is one very sensitive cat who wants his way.

He is naughty at times and did something which he shouldn't have done but he is afterall a cat.

He is there looking at me with a sad look before I leave for work and he is there to welcome me home from work

with his 'maa...aa' greetings and stretch himself on the floor for me to love him with a rub on his neck.

He is my alarm clock even during the month of Ramadhan he will wake me up at the dot 4.30am and he will also has his morning meal with me at 5am.

Nothing in this world will I trade him for another.

He is my COMPANION in good and bad times.

He is my LOVER at bedtime - sleeping in his tray on my bed.

All I ask for on this first anniversary that god will grant us,

Many more happy years together .. insya'allah.

He is there every morning to greet me 'good morning Maa...a'

and I will always be there for you Billy and mummy love you :)