Sunday, September 5, 2010

Selamat hari raya

First of all here's wishing everyone Selamat Hari Raya in few days time,since I'm in the mood to blog might as well do it otherwise god knows when????

Nothing much prepared this time round I don't feel like celebrating at all but I guess I still have to do the cooking as usual for the first day as everyone will be coming over being the eldest of the family.

It will be Billy first raya too with me and am yet to buy a nice tees for him to wear :) even though he is only a cat but he deserves to celebrate too afterall he does fast on certain days.Billy make sure you also get angpow ya....hehee

Billy had his first taste of cat grass today and he loves it ... I took the plant away and he was looking for it in the kitchen.

This is how he sleeps but most time he curls himself ... he is my alarm clock for pre dawn breakfast at the dot 4.30am he will wake me up and in the month of ramadhan he too has an early breakfats of tuna at 5am.

The teacher's and staff day lunch as usual was provided by the parents support group and this year its japanese.Lovely yummy food but I don't go for sushi esp when its wrap in seaweed it makes me want to throw - the smell of it.
The main dish was bento set - mine as requested is chicken.

This is Billy with Shekin and Amira when they came on wednesday bringing dinner for me from their mom ... nasi minyak and ayam korma which is yummylicious.

Till I have another opportunity to blog again here's once again wishing you