Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jellanies berhari raya

Its 1 week of raya and I dah put a full stop ..... cukup lah makan belum berhenti apa yg turun bulan ramadhan dah naik balik seminggu syawal Libra berat punya case.
Baju2 di pakai dah kena hantar untuk dry cleaning lepas tu tergantung dlm almari entah bila lah nak di gunakan lagi jgn tunggu lagi 5 tahun dah .... haha

Sudah seminggu dapur tak berasap asal siang mkn di sekolah bila malam ke rumah adik2 kalau tak makan leftovers yg ada dlm fridge.Hari ni baru lah masak chicken vindaloo ... so yummylicious....tapi rempah nya airflown dari Perth - my niece tolong belikan.

I compile semua gambar2 yg saya ambil masa raya pertama hingga lah semalam di rumah Ram and Aini ..

Kalau free tengok lah movie yg saya buat tu dan bagi komen juga .... hehe

Raya 2009 from elle jellanie on Vimeo.

Pada cikmilah and ummi365 I pun tak tau I buat n3 kosong agak ter ......

Friday, September 25, 2009

Saya raya pertama mmg tak berjalan sebab jadi tuan rumah semenjak mak takde 20 tahun saya lah penganti dia masak,menyambut tetamu semua.... penat tau?

Macam biasa raya tahun di sambut sederhana semenjak arwah bapak meninggalkan kami tahun lepas.Persedian pun sederhana sahja kalau nak ikutkan mmg saya takde mood lansung tapi kesian pulak nanti tetamu dtg nak juga siapkan kuih muih kan?Saya cuma beli tarts dan muruku sahja yg lain2 tu di bagi olih adik2 dan ipar2 yg masih ingat.

Raya kedua saya lepak habis - kepenatan katakan .... mlm tu baru berjalan dgn my sister Aini ke rumah adik lelaki dan nenek sedara.

Raya ketiga kerumah my brother lagi satu dan semalam kerumah adik lagi satu Lina....agak mlm ni rehat :) pasal esok nak ke rumah Ram ada open house.

Gambar di rumah my brother raya ketiga .... bersama my siters and nieces .... baju raya mmg tak beli tahun ni tu yg saya pakai baju dah 5 tahun tergantung di almari selepas hantar dry cleaning nasib baik masih bolih muat .... hahaha.... teringat saya baju tu linen saya beli di KL dan masa tu lah tsunami berlaku.....

Ni juadah semalam di rumah my sister Lina .... ada mee rebus dan satay goreng dan juga fried chicken wings.

Sekian lapuran raya saya di sini.

Monday, September 21, 2009

1st day raya @ BB

I had a nice 1st day of raya with siblings and dear friends visit .... I had been busy cooking all morning and unlike before when arwah bapak was around they start to stroll in only late starting with Aini and family at almost 1pm then followed by Ram and the rest.My last visitor is my youngest bro and family at 9.45pm .... my shop almost close lor.

Here are some pictures for your viewing ....

How was your 1st day of raya?

Friday, September 18, 2009

The madness begins

I managed to get a day leave today as you all know my leave can be taken only during school break but my boss was kind enough to grant today's leave as I need to do marketing etc and being the eldest in the family is no joke - everyone will be visiting me inplace of our parents who had left us and if given a chance I want to be the youngest ... oh oh if any of you siblings reading this entry I am just kidding ok...actually I meant it hahaha

To market to market to buy stuff for cooking for raya but makoi it was crowded and I had to push my way to get things and if you think I am big there are others bigger than me ..... prices of course increase by $2/- for meat and chicken - pandai these sellers kan? I decide not to get chicken today maybe I will buy from the supermart tomorow or back to the market again.I bought all the spices and some veges,prawns,beef and the tofu and tempeh for the sambal goreng.

I was at the vege stall when I saw .......

this jambu .... my mouth start to water thinking of doing rojak :)been looking for it for for tonite it will be fruits rojak and I forgot to get pineapple but can do without it.

I bought this spicy muruku .... syiok ah?wish I can eat them now whilst typing this entry ..... hep!don't think of food can or not?

also bought pineapple tarts from my regular makcik .... she reduces her price for me by a dollar ... sayang makcik:) the last few years I've stopped baking as I don't have the time anymore why bake when you can buy just as nice as mak's but one of my sisters is doing them but so far she is yet to give me a bottle so might as well just buy and be happy:)

Youngest sister Aini left msg at FaceBook that she bought the cake lapis for me from JB and also prawns roll .... thank you Aini for being so thoughtful.

Whatever you call the above cookies was made by my sis in law Saba and she gave me a bottle of that ... and I had one last night it was yummy and looks like I may have another tonite ...... hehehe .....

Dear cikmilah actually posted to me some kuih raya all the way from Penang but unlikely I will get them before raya as she only send them out on Tuesday but nevertheless she has been so kind knowing I don't bake any and she is sending them all the way ..... thank you so much Milah you are so kind and from what she told me its about 5 different types of kuih raya ... I am so lucky.

The stall that sell grated coconut was impossible for me to buy by looking at the queque so I went into the supermart and bought kara grated coconut but unfortunately only 2 packs left and this afternoon for an hour I had to stand infront of the stove to fry them to make serunding to go with lontong.

the serunding compared to last year is half the protion I did .... not that I don't want to do more blame the supermart they ran out of it.

Today has been rain - sun and rain again .... hopefully tomorrow it will stay sunny as I have errands to do ..... aiyo why lah everytime comes raya I have to do lots of running around? Maybe next year I go on holiday and no worries about all this.... but then will raya fall during school break?

Watch this space my rojak buah coming ................

Once again Selamat hari raya & maaf zahir batin.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sayang mama ...

Garpy is now my sayang mama .... here he is posing on his master's bed which is also his bed:) kah kah kah

I was never a fan of cats or any other furry animals - don't hate but just that eeks feeling and I wouldn't even want to touch them until I met sayang mama....

oh my look at that flabby tummy ... hmm but sexy rite?

One night after having dinner with the guys and playing with garpy upon reaching home my mind was thinking of him and I know how close he is with C or vice versa ... can I break their love by adopting him?.... sitting alone in my room I decide to jot this down .... straight from my heart .....

To sayang mama

Never in a million years
I dream of you
Sayang mama has changed me
If touching you was yucks before
that was yesterday
As today a new horizon develope
Seeing you for first time
Makes me want to touch you
Why??? I have no answer
My hope is …..
we'll get along fine...
I know you belong to him
I'm not yours...
but my love for you will not change
you're all mine in my heart .. darling Garpy.

No matter I hope one day I will find another like him that has the same fatal attraction . 'love at first sight'... should sayang mama be mine one day can C accept the separation?
So for now I will love him from afar and if he is mine he will be mine.

Nothing much to write today and just as a reminder raya is 3 days away and I am still not prepared .... aiyo why huh?

Selamat hari raya & maaf zahir batin.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Selamat hari raya

Ku hulurkan 10 jari untuk meminta kemaafan dan keampunan jika ada tersalah bahasa bila di alam maya .... usik mengusik mmg jadi kebiasaan tampa di sedari jika ada yg mencuit hati harap di maafkan.
Pada semua kawan2 di alam maya yg pernah berjumpa dan belum berjumpa saya minta maaf zahir batin jika ada apa2 kesalahan yg saya buat semasa perkenalan kita.
Pada yang nak balik kampong berhati-hati ye masa di jalan raya.
Selamat menyambut lebaran dan happy-happy selalu.
hingga kita berjumpa lagi ........

Friday, September 11, 2009

Burung murai ....

Beberapa kali skodeng kat youtube nak cari lain terjumpa ni pulak sungguh sedeh bila tengok jadi jom kita kongsi bersama.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Can you trust them? ......

Can you trust these people to be your children teachers?....hahahaha ...... aunty nurse managed to snap their pictures on teachers day .... many faces many fashions and many many characters .... but above all they are the ones that nuture our young generations to be future leaders ... and be successful.

Here are some of the teachers @ ACSInternational ........

Ms Pat Symons Ms Bollywood wannabe ( teaches Economics) ..... I snap this picture behind our staff launch/pantry.

Eniko Kiss from Hungary teaches English .....

Ms Cheryl Seah and Mr Chin C K - Maths.....

3 sekawan baik ... Paul1- Music,Marissa- English and Paul2 - bridging teacher teaching English untuk anak2 dr Vietnam,China dan Indonesia bersediakan mereka untuk masuk yr5 for IB ...

OK..OK.. Paul2 won Mr Photogenic on that day .....

All concentrating with principal speech.... Pam in blue top teaches econs,Divya also econs and Mdm Koh teaching German language.

Far extreme David Cobb - English,Mr Karuna bridging teacher teaching pre secondary,Mr Olwande from Kenya - English,Hiromo teaching Japanese and Pat teaching Econs.

Dougal from NZ teaching biology,Jo MacDonald our school councellor also from NZ

hmm ..... cute kan Paul West and Adrian -English

Can you trust them with your children?

Paul Hannon and Marissa Janzs

Mr Hearty singing away ...... science teacher.

or you rather have faith in Cikgu Chin and aunty nurse ...... hahahaha
Actually nothing much to write just putting up pictures only ........
There are about 90 plus teachers but I can't snap all of them as we were seated far apart.
till my next entry..........

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sana dan sini

Gambar nenek Maria dgn cucu baru nya ... wah 2nd round jadi nenek lah .... papa John too mesti happy.

Will looks excited with baby brother ... kalau dah besar jangan gadoh2 ye?.... hahaha

The parents support group treat the staff on teachers day ... if last year was Arabian Night this is Mexican Fiesta..... from decos to cooking all done by them .... just wonder yang kat rumah tu ada 2-3 maids tapi for this occassions mereka melayan kami pulak.
Thank you lovely moms and dads for the lovely treat to us without your support we can never make it.
Looks like this blog is never going to be update daily so might as well change my banner as 'My indefinate happenings'..... hehehe