Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Retail theraphy

I need retail theraphy very badly to cheer myself up and today we went again to Belks and I bought Liz Claireborn bags again and I make sure my nieces and sisters will get 1 each ... so Huda what you waiting for let me know which one you want...haha
Kate Spade bags very expensive even wak tak berani beli .... coach also no sales ...

So these are all I can afford since I have to buy for zillion people back home.....

These are for Jellanie clans again from the baby to the mother ..... together with previous entry.

The Liz handbag and wallet for myself yet again ... 40% less ... murah2 je
Then after Belks we went to Wal-mart purpose was I wanted to buy yarn .. when I found the yarn no knitting needles pulak so cancel but when I went to the carft section I found materials instead and bougth 3 pieces of materials ......

This 2 pcs are quilted just love the designs .... ummi Inak upah you jahitkan bag bolih tak?I know you have loads to do I can wait.

Then I saw this remnants material so pretty and bought it only $2.20 .... simpan je lah.
No more shopping this few days as this afternoon whilst at walmart I felt oozy the same kind when I black out last time quickly look for drink as I am probably dehydrated and also dompet dah kempes......I felt better after resting and even managed to fry bihun for our dinner.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Good bye

I had to say bye bye to Will this morning and just as he is getting used to me he is going home to Lake Charles which will be 6 hrs drive.

H e is wearing the winter top I bought fornhim yesterday when we went shopping at San Antonio.He is very cute and so lovable and do you know he uses sign language as taught by his mom.

Our last moment together ........

I went shopping today with my sis Maria and we spent 3.5 hrs just in one shop .... shopping sakan betul bought bags and wristlet for nieces and sisters. What do u think of the bags cantik tak?

I also bvought this ecco sandal @ 50% less in Sg it costs abt $200/-

Monday, December 29, 2008


As requested by ummi365 now presenting the palace I am staying at ...hehe.... my sis has a very lovely house .. but if u ask me to stay here maybe I will miss Singapore.Too quiet and the houses far apart eventhough it has a panoramic view being on a hill ... so let the slide do the talking.

The stuff in the house are indeed a collective items:) just imagine yourself where the places are and which room it belongs to ok ummi.

Will at lunch ... comot kan?
After lunch we went to San Antonio and window shopping:)percaya tak?

Dinner at Rudi's BBQ .....

Cikmilah saya beli bag ni tadi from Macy's bag murah je tak mampu nak beli online .... hehehe...kalau ada luggage kosong ingat nak belikan cikmilah sebiji jugak:)

Its a cold day and night temp dropping very low and thunder expected early morning.


Semalam kami jalan jalan ke Fredricksburg perjalan dlm 45 minute dan di sini lah tempat pelancung2 datang untuk membeli segala souvenir untuk bawa pulang tapi saya tak beli apa2 pun agak mahal harga nya ... satu fridge magnet harga nya US$4.99 ... tapi sempat singgah di kedai menjual barangan dapur adoi sungguh tergoda dgn equipments untuk membuat cake etc ....

Yeen if you are reading this the petal dust is more expensive here than Sg eventhough its imported from here.

Kami makan di cowboy joint 'Hondo' sambil mendengar dendangan lagu2 country and western live ....

Pemandangan di Main Street .... sejuk smlm ... angin yang dingin.

Di Hondo Will terpegun mendengar lagu cowboy...........

Tu dia penyanyi nya tapi bukan Kenny Rogers ye...hehe...suara dia sungguh merdu.

Bila kami pulang Mr Doe sedang menunggu sedang mencari makan ...dgn pelahan2 saya dapat tangkap gambar ini ... kedengaran mereka sungguh cepat ... selalu nya kita yg takut ngan dia tapi bagi Rusa mereka takut ngan kita bila nampak atau dengar akan terus lari.Gambar di belakang rumah di mana terletak the garage.

Pagi ni hari minggu saya buat lempeng pisang nak tau berapa Will makan 4 keping!!saya buat macam pancake size ... nampak nya selera dia sama papa dia yg juga sungguh suka ngan lempeng pisang.
Kalau takde apa halangan kami akan drive ke San Antonio untuk berjumpa Kristina and Robert,mereka tinggal di sini dlm 1 jam driving.
Malam semalam ribut petir tapi saya tak dengar lansung mungkin kalau dengar pun tak tau yg itu hujan ribut ... dan temp 0 degree brrrrrrrrrrrr
Hari ni di jangka ada hujan mlm so aunty nurse akan nenyak tido lagi...hehe
Selama di sini dapat juga berYM dengan cikmilah,kaklady dan ummi365 tapi masa kami berbeza bila saya siang mereka mlm pulak ... so kira lucky kan dapat tangkap saya...hehe .... mesti banyak yg rindu mcm ummi365 - hilang rindu kan?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Makan makan

Makan makan sebab keluarga dapat berkumpul sama di boxing day.My niece Kristina datang dgn ibu mertua untuk berjumpa saya dan kali pertama juga untuk Puan Lena kerumah besan.My nephew Adam and family tiba mlm christmas dari Lake Charles.

Pada hari xmas saya goreng kway teow udang dan Maria sibuk buat mince pie hehe dapat saya belajar cara2 nya.Bagi John pulak dia sedang sibuk membuat kek hari jadi untuk Kristina yg jatuh pada hari xmas dan tajuk kek nya ia lah marathon race yg Kris akan masuk di bulan February 2009 di New Orleans...tak sangka saya John pandai membuat nya.

Semalam 26th December kami berkumpul sama untuk BBQ lunch dan kami bersantap dgn .......

BBQ Prawns marinate dgn blackpepper and garlic.

Tamale yg Kristina bawa makanan traditional mertua dia .. di perbuat dr jagong berinti ikut selera ada dgn ayam,daging atau sayuran .... akan2 otah2 kita cuma di balut dgn kupas jagong instead of daun nipah.

Grilled mushroom

Grilled asparagus

Mince pie yang Maria buat...sedap berinti manisan.

Epok2 aka karipap saya buat berinti kentang.

Birthday kek yg John buat ....

Terlampau kenyang walaupun cuma ringgan2 .... saya tak bolih letak banyak gambar sebab lama sangat nak upload gambar nanti balik Singapore saya akan letak gambar2 tu.
The Swann bersama anak2,menantu dan cucu mereka (perhatian Andre & Julia anak2 Robert dgn Istri pertama nya) mereka akan tinggal bersama tiap2 alternate hujung minggu.

Bersama ibu mertua Kristina Puan Lena org spanish and my sister Maria.

More pictures coming up.

With darling Will

Presenting darling Will ... everyone who has left msgs for me to gomol him considered it done.Will arrived late last nite at 9pm after a 6 hrs drive from Lake Charles where they live .. hmm pagi xmas celebrate with his maternal grandparents first and they start their journey here at 2pm with stopover for dinner.As we can see from his photos that I posted before he is what he is ...........

Will with groovy grandma .... hahaha

HENSEM NYA DIA...........

having his breakfast .... he eats by himself ....

Watching his favourite cartoon on tv at the patio ... he loves to come out to this area looking for birds....poor papa john kena layan cucu yg active.

With my grandnephews amd niece ... celebrating Kristina's birthday and more picrures coming up soon....

Friday, December 26, 2008

Greetings From Kerville

Greetings from US ... I arrived safely after a long flight with stopover in Moscow for one and half hour, Moscow was snowing and the temp was -4degree. It was a very tiring flight just imagine 10 hrs to get to Moscow and I managed to sleep on and off for at least 3-4 hrs.Met a Malaysia young man on same flight and he was sitting across the isle next to me.He is working for Petronas as an engineer and on learning posting for 6 months...he is a very nice young man who take care of me when we arrive in Houston ye lah tolong angkat my luggage yg berat from the belt.... and when in Moscow also make sure I am safe too.

Pictures I took from the transit lounge see the snow an dthats my Singapore Airline getting ready to take us off to USA.

After Houston it was a 4 hrs drive to San Antonio and we meet up with my niece Kristina and Robert for dinner at a mexican restaurant and I had rice with beans. Then its another hour driving to Kerville and by the time I reach my sis place it was almost 11pm.

This is the guest room where I will be sleeping the next 15 days ..... only last evening I felt the was at 5.30pm and I just couldn't keep my eyes open anymore and my sis and bil forced me to stay awake as if I were to sleep I will wake up at 2am ... so John start the grill and BBQ salmon and sweet potatoes.....we had it at garden patio but it was brrrrrrrrrrrrrr sejuk lah.

We had an open fire whilst eating our dinner and soon after I went to bed and got up at 1.30am.....

This morning was cold too and thats me infront the fire place but adoi I need a haircut lah.

We had an uninvited guest .... anak rusa nani ngah cari makan...

I will put in more pictures soon when I have time to logon again


Monday, December 22, 2008

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