Monday, February 28, 2011

my 61st Birthday

Yesterday mark my 61st birthday and alhamdulillah I am given more time to be in this world and to be with my 2 boys.

As usual my sister Aini invite me out for lunch with small party with my sister Ramlah and their families.We went to Carousel at the Royal Scott and had buffet lunch then as I was on my 3rd round of chicken rice I heard singing from my back...OMG the staff was singing happy birthday to me with chocolate cake...I was lucky that I was able to hold my tears...

The cake

My sis Ram gave a jade bracelet

My sis Aini gave me another Longchamp bag

The cake and polaroid photo taken by the staff at Carousel

With my 2 sisters and my nieces ....

Thank you Aini and Ram for the birthday lunch and gifts.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy birthday

Celebrating Billy's 3rd birthday last nite with friends who are also February babies like me.the minute I got home at 5.30 the battle in the kitchen began.Even though I ordered KFC chicken we still need something for dinner so I decide to fry bee hoon using chicken meat and cabbage.

the spread on the table my friend Rush came with home made kuih balsam (oops maybe spelt wrongly)very nice.Maryam brought a cake for us and Paula bought fruit juice.We had a great time eating and catching up about our cats and life.

The birthday boy whilst we sang happy birthday to him.I made a tuna cupcake for him with his biscuits and treats as decor which turn out good.

Billy's birthday cupcake.

Since my birthday is 2 days away we celebrate together this time .... Queen Latifah and her Prince Billy:)

tunnel from Cristina Derrick

Billy's pressie from the aunties ... and mummy also get a hongbao
May we have more years to celebrate together and may health keep us together always.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Precious moment in real drama

I was sitting online as usual and the 2 boys will sit on the table relaxing then as I looked up what I saw was indeed a surprise that I was choked with emotion..quickly grab my camera and record them live ... this is something I may not be able to see when I am at work ... alhamdulillah they make great brothers.

Watching this it makes you wonder even though they are not real siblings and yet the love and care for each other is unfounded in human sometimes!