Tuesday, June 1, 2010

At long last

At last I have the time to look into my blog to update ... no excuses but just pure laziness and afterall everyone now very active at FB and by the look of it blos may soon pack up:)

I have been busy at work too and will be moving to a new sickbay soon with bigger room and more beds too.

3 weeks ago I did some charity work by making and selling my sambal tumis ikan bilis at work and alhamdulillah a good collections was accomplished....proceed goes to Metta Cattery.

The sambal tumis with logo of me and Billy - designed by my niece Nurul Huda

The sambal flown all the way to Korea - hand carried by Nora .... hehe ... cam mana Nora better than kimchi?

Billy has been more manja than ever - spoilt by yours truly of course!

Always lepak on the dining table to be close to me when I am online .............

Last weekend I was in KL to attend my dear Dodie's wedding reception and I am honoured to be seated at the VIP table amongst her parents and parents in law ... but too shy as I am an outsider:)

the beautiful bride and me

here I am with the bridal couple of Alfian & Dodie

My being in KL is only known to a few friends and I pm some that I will be in KL on 29th and 30th May a very tight schedule so can't meet all of them.Those who acknowledge came to visit me at the hotel Room 1518.....hahaha

On sat 29th before I went to the wedding reception Mulan made a U-Turn to come and visit me .... hehehe .... this I cannot stop laughing ... Laughing 1 only between me and Mulan.

On sunday 30th May ummi and zino bersama mem and Hazwan dropped by too neither knew of their coming....hehe ...surprise!
Thank you Mulan,Ummi and Zino for your time and the goodies you brought for me and I ahve nothing for you all Sunshine but my smiles.

till we meet again in my next entry