Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Cat Diaries

Thanks to my younger brother he has started a blog for my 2 boys.
It was a pleasant surprise indeed when I logon to FB to see the link.

Check it out and mark it dear friends...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

More of Jingga

Its been 6 days since Jingga came into our life and they are progressing well in term of becoming brothers.Less hissing and growls from both of Billy even went into the room and get near to Billy's cage.

Jingga very confortable on the pillow on atok's bed

Billy this morning

Jingga with the bolster from aunty Linda

and the heat pad from aunty Paula....

Its like having anew baby everyone come with gift :)

Will put up more of their pictures soon

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm back

Can't believe I am back again after just 1 day rite? Anyway good news is to be shared with friends.

The penthouse now has a tenant to live - a sudden change my friend called yesterday as I was having dinner if I would take in a newbie he found about 2-3 months old and whats more a ginger that I've always dream for :)

I guess Suzzie is now for adoption to others as I can only have 2 in the flat otherwise HDB will revoke my ownership of the flat - yes!govt is very unfriendly towards felines!

I name him Jingga orange in malay and I think he will stick to this name for always.He is very vocal and I'm afraid big brother Billy is keeping a distant for now unfriendly always hissing and growls whenever I brought Jingga's cage out.My wish is Billy will accept Jingga soonest.

Pictures of Jingga this morning very relaxing after his kibbles for breakfast and he eats a lot too.

These were taken last night by my friend Dr Tan C W he found Jingga after work,heard his cries and went to look for him.

This is all for now till further entry.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Long leave

Salam and sorry for being away for long period again.I am now on 5 weeks leave and 2 weeks gone by already and nothing done except eat and sleep.There are 101 things that I am suppose to do but there's always tomorrow and by the look of things even by end of the 5th week it will still be there!!!

I have to clear my leave as I can't carry forward to next year and this is the best time end of the year.Life with Billy has been good and it has been 1 year since I adopted Billy.We are still learning each others language and so far I can read his mind....hahaha

Little Suzzie arrival is delayed apparently she has the flu and we don't want Billy to get it from her and to play safe hence the delay.Her penthouse is all ready awaiting her arrival.

She will isolated from Billy first and hopefully will have no problem with Billy in accepting her so she won't be in the cage for long.

My youngest brother has done some comic strips on Billy and here are the 3 he did for me so far am thinking of making them into 2011 calendar.

I will update again soon I hope till then take care and have a nice day.