Sunday, June 28, 2009

Excuse me ....

Excuse me can you lend me a shoulder?.... a shoulder I need when I am feeling down and sad and when I look around there's non left .....

A shoulder to cry on ... a shoulder to lean on .... nicely put in a poem but where are you dear shoulder I can't seem to find you ......

A shoulder or ear to listen with me .... I think being the eldest you have no one to turn to in times like this now - everyone seem pretty busy with their own life or pretend not to know.

I remembered when I was diagnosed with a huge fibroid in my uterus I turn to a dear friend C to lean on and discuss my problem and how I cried over the phone telling him and his words of encouragement I pull through the major surgery and with his visits during his lunch hour (he was then working at a nearby clinic) was indeed a blessing.Again during my confinement(I had 7 weeks of medical leave) being alone at home coping on my own cooking and doing house chores it was again him who calls to ask how I am doing can I cope?and with his cousin J they both came to visit me at home to make sure I am ok.Even my recuperation holiday to Sydney and Brisbane was suggested by him to forget what I just went through and accepting it.

The same shoulder again I lean on when my mom passed away listening to my cry all over again and words of moral support and I went into depression it was to him I confide besides another good doctor friend who had left this world... RIP Dr Alex Khoo.

Over the years when I was coping with the loss he and his cousin J will bring cheers inviting me over the weekend to spend with them and there are always 5-6 of us and J's mom and sister....
cooking and watch movies and play games.

Then they both went to stay in NZ in 1998 for 1yr to get the PR status and since we are so far away every alt week he sends a post card with news from there (I still keep them tau) C always tell me to throw them away esp the letter he wrote ... they came back and after 6 months they went again and this time he ask me to get a pc so we can chat online and thats when I was into pc chatting with him on ICQ...

I went to NZ to visit them and I first went to Christchurch and Queenstown on my own for 5 days before flying to Auckland and how happy I was to see them waiting at the airport.They rented a nice 2 bedrooms house and I slept in J's room whilst the 2 of them shared the master bedroom.Here I met another 2 bachelors whom they met at S'pore Club and we became friends my 2 weeks stay was full of activities , we will be out everyday driving me to places of interest-sight seeing and in the evening I will do the cooking with J who is very good with his kuih putri salad.Everyday they will request for certain meals and it was fun doing our shopping in the small chinatown and certain nights we will eat out in the city.

The folowing year when they decide to stay again in NZ .... I went to visit them again in 1999 with B another of thier friend .... hehe as you can see we are from the single group....hahaha....this time we stayed in northcote.Once again we tour round the places we didn't cover during the first visit...during this length of stay they both became volunteers for the food on wheel sending food to homes for the poor and I enjoyed following them and see what's life like being a desitute.We brought cheers to the old folks.They finally came back after getting their PR and thats the last of my going to New Zealand.

The shoulders thats been my pillar of strength .... J in dark tees and C in white polo this was taken at Sentosa Restaurant in Auckland on my 49th birthday in 1999... sorry my scanner doesn't work with my new lappie so I snap the picture with my camera otherwise there are more pictures of us in Auckland.

This photo taken at Brownes Bay feeding the gulls with J next to me and B in blue standing and the oldman in white windcheater is the guy who goes round feeding the birds nampak dia carry a bagful of bread.

Last year when bapak was seriously ill to him again I turn to for comfort .... his smses cheers me up and after bapak left us I keep away from the world .... they both C & J are the shoulders for me to lean on when I am down.... they know I am lonely being alone. C & J are chinese for your info and we get along fine.I hope our friendship will last forever as you can never find friends like them - good friends are hard to come by - C is busy running around working and treating at the oldfolks home and in the afternoon he does visiting to the terminally ill and by night looking for cats and feeding them.His dedication will be reawrded by HIM I am sure for all the good deeds and passion and compassion.

We have each other for comfort and I remembered when J was diagnosed with CA C called me at work one morning and burst out crying no words and its my turn to comfort him then .... so excuse me can you loan me your shoulder?

Infact we have each other shoulders to lean on when J was diagnosed with cancer of the throat C phone me at work and was crying like a child and after half an hour I managed to make him see the bright side and alhamdulillah after DXT J has no relapse and it has been 7 yrs now.

Oh boy I think I wrote enough for this entry ....

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Scrambled eggs

As the title read it was scrambled eggs and baked beans for brunch yesterday and alhamdulillah kenyang sampai ptg and for dinner I had the leftover of thursday porridge and dace fish.Its been a while since I had scrambled eggs unless its continental breakfast at the hotel.If not for soft diet I wouldn't dream of doing all these.

Scrambled eggs with baked beans ...... yummy.

Whole of yesterday I've been watching CNN on MJ death ... felt sorry for him - his life was in turmoil ... was he really happy with life?did he overdosed himself that cause the cardiac arrest?only the result of autopsy will tell the truth.

I was chatting with norabella yesterday and from her I learn that I can watch korean dramas on my cable KBS ... haha ... see I didn't even know its free channel!! thanks nora for the info but yet to follow maybe soon .... and nora said soon I have to move my bed to the sitting room too with remote in hand ..... hahahahaha .....

OK gtg need to go for follow-up with the dentist again ...
Have a nice weekend friends.

Friday, June 26, 2009

We'll miss you

Goodbye Michael may you rest in peace and if you are really a muslim al-fathiha semoga roh mu di cucuri rahmat olih Nya.

It was a shocking news when I saw the news this morning with flashes reading MJ died .....

The Micheal I grew up with - Jackson 5

The Michael that changed the world .....
In tribute lets listen to my all time favourite of Jackson 5

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dentist again

To the dentist again 2nd appointment this morning and today I had to wait for more than an hour ... when the patient came out from the consultation room its a makcik or maybe younger than me ... hehe... then I heard her calling her anak 'mak dah habis ni meh bayarkan'...lucky makcik ada yg bayarkan when I am private limited and cannot claim lagi.....then a young man came into the clinic and ask ... how much? bolih pengsan agak nya bila nurse kata $545/-... hmm...makcik kena buat 7 fillings and new denture.....anak cuma bawa $200/- but lucky when the nurse said its ok next visit can pay the rest....whew** ya lah ni belum cukup bulan lagi gaji lom masuk.

As for my case I was told how much the whole procedure going to cost so I am prepared but still its a lot of money ....... if before u only $20 for a filling or extraction now its double $40.

I had 2 molars extracted today and after 59yrs my teeth cannot be saved anymore due to poor gum problem ....

For lunch today I had the usual rice porridge with dace-fish and black beans ( chinese style)

fried dace fish comes in 3 flavours with black beans,cili or vege....but so far I prefer with black beans even with hot rice and sambal blacan black beans tu taucu hitam.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In Japan now .....

Jeng..jeng..jeng ... who knows that I decide to go to Japan this morning eh?well last week when I decide to throw everything in my room in one big bag konon nya nak sembunyikan membersihkan sikit bilik hehe .. for the kenduri thalil I forgot abt the wrong dvd I bought together with the koreans dvds thinking it was a korean movie but who knows its a japanese movie about 7 lawyers.

It was raining this morning so my plan to the market was aborted and I found 2 pieces of ikan tenggiri in the freezer so thats good enough for todays meal.

After my shower and reading the paper at same time smsing wanmommy I put the dvd on and start watching ....hmmm.... not bad and the japanese actresses are so pretty too with up to date dressing maybe this is a new movie... has anyone watch this ? unfortunately this is 2nd series so ladies and gentlemen I've arrived in the land of the rising sun now ..... hahaha ..... bye bye Korea for time being ... hello Japan ........In this movies its all girls so far no male character yet that I can fall in love with:)

Mixed vege porridge for today ......

with ikan asam rebus .... cuba lah sedap juga makan ngan bubur nasi:)

A little energetic I steam eggs but because I was engrossed with the movie I forgot to lower the heat so not a pretty smooth surface but who cares as long as can be eaten .... kah..kah..kah...

I did this caramel pudding last night from the instant pack I bought many moons ago ... first time doing it and it doesn't turn out as pretty as pictured on the box but once again the taste is there so into the tummy as well .... now with all these yummy food how to slim down?....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Porridge for the day

Today I cook porridge with crab stick squares which I bought frozen couple of weeks ago and finally its of use today.The only problem with porridge a small bowl isn't enough ......

My bowl of porridge with a set of korean cutlery given to me by Sya when I was last in KL and today I decide to use it with my porridge .... thanks ye Sya.

In a way the spoon length is good its longer then our normal tablespoon if only there's kimchi .... hehehe ..... but then I don't think I can swallow them:(

Don't you think its a wonderful world eating porridge using korean spoon whilst watching korean movie?...... hahaha ..... what a life and wonderful time I am having during my leave .... except last night it was quite painful but nevermind have to bear with it and as maklang and rina said ada teman hensem menemankan ..... hehehe

Have a nice day my friends:)

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm a baby ....

I went to the dentist this morning and 3 teeth had to go due to bones and gum problem ..... so the next few days will be porridge & nestum days ahead.Another appt on thursday to check on condition of the gum to do impression and whole procedure will take 2 weeks to complete and its gonna cost me $500.00 there goes my holiday savings .... but its ok to have a good smile it has to be done .... hahaha .....

Just a short entry today so if you want to give me a treat my friends its this week porridge is cheap .... hehehe

ok now can stay in bed and start rolling the shows:)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy father's day to all fathers and even though bapak is now no longer with us we still do remember the day AND only al fathiha is our present to him this year.

I am in a lazy mood week ... no cooking since friday and been eating whats left in the fridge or grilled hotdogs,grilled fish fingers and grilled karipap.....all grilled.My trip to the dentist was cancelled as I woke up with a bad headache yesterday maybe because I slept very late at 4am...yes the DVD of Mr Good-Bye I bought a week ago was the culprit.I start watching and couldn't push the stop button ...... so my appt is now fixed on monday.... have to go and must go.

I was cleaning my shelves in the afternoon yesterday and was looking into a box of cds and dvds and what did I did find non other a dvd of MY LITTLE BRIDE which belongs to my niece Hannah who is now in Perth ... sorry Hannah at that time I was not into korean shows oh gosh that must abt 3 yrs since that dvd landed into my house.

So last nite I was watching this movie aiyo last time don't even know who Kim Rae Won is ... haha thank god its a movie so its only one and half hour show ... so last nite by 11 pm I was fast asleep.

This morning first thing I did was to read the paper and saw how many H1N1 cases ...... I am dead with that figure it definately going to be a busy school reopening for everyone.

Here's wishing my brothers and brothers in law 'Happy Father's Day' and to all male readers who call themself bapak too.

Till my next entry ..... its back to sleepppppppppppp

Friday, June 19, 2009

Be prepared

Yes we have to be prepared now for school opening soon ... yesterday I was in school after 8 days away and we discussed about the actions we need to take as 50% of our students are foreigners and they all are back home to be with their families.H1N1 are fast spreading and mainly imported cases with confirm one case domestic here

If one student is diagnosed with it the whole school will be affected ... so comes 7th July its temperature taking again ... and that means aunty nurse have to come to school at 7.30am again....oh no!

I prepared myself with fried red mackerel with berlado for my meal today before I start watching my korean heroes ...... hahaha.... this dish is best eaten with hot rice .... I am not fussy even with one dish I am ok .. no vege ..... hehehe

Aaahhh Kwon Sang Woo another favourite of mine .... like his cute look ..... fell in love with him when I first watch Stairway to Heaven on tv abt 2 yrs ago and I think that was my first korean drama I really stayed glued to my bed ... every sat and sunday afternoon betw 3-5pm ..... never cried buckets before until I saw this drama..... in this show he was paired with Choi Ji Woo of winter sonata.

The first drama of his that I watched from episode 1 till the end ....... and as today I bought 2 more of dramas 'cruel love' and 'love so divine' just as good.....yeah when I have time will look for more of his DVD too:)
Tonite my partner in crime coming to watch more korean movie with me .... hahahaha
Happy weekend .....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ku jatuh cinta lagi

Ni huh dah jatuh cinta kat Kim Rae Won pulak....hahahaha

Movie pertama saya tonton Love Story in Harvard beberapa bulan dulu online sampai tak tido mlm...hehe .... in the end katam jugak...tapi ada seseorang tu kat KL ntah habis tak tengok cerita ni ek?

Beautiful song kan?

Sekarang saya sedang melayan cerita ni pulak tapi kali ni saya beli DVD nya murah je only S$15.90 puas bolih tengok siang mlm sambil baring atas katil....
ok nak sambung tengok ............... bye-bye

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hmm..relax habis babe

Two entries in one day that means I got my energy 50% back......hahaha
Hmm memang relax habis betul 2 hari ni ... tak payah masak, makan apa yg ada leftovers and yesterday Huda runs the kitchen making .....

Brownies ..... using my oven toaster so now I know I can do small baking too ... hehe

and choc chips cookies but no photos she brought all for her gathering with her friends in the afternoon at the botanical garden .... pengsan gue so hot under the sun....adoiiiiiiiii.

Then she cooks .... and keep coming to my room asking where I put the oregano and do I have cili sprinkles ..... well she found a packet of spagetti in my larder so decide to make ....

oglio olio correct me if I am wrong eh Huda not sure of spelling....she makes plain oglio olio and after she left I added some minced beef to mine:)

Again we watched the unfinish winter sonata today but she has to go go back to do her presentation I think or is it some paperwork that she has to send for printing as she is starting her uni next month....and she will be back to continue our movie marathon another day.


No excuse for not updating my daily happening as I am under the weather .... yesterday I extended my leave for another 3 days ..... the weather is killing staying home also can get heat stroke ..........

This is me if I were to be on the road......

How I wish I can stay in this pool all day ..............

the utililies bill is going sky high this month with a/c on most time ....

Huda is with me since sunday nite so everynite we've been watching the above on 'winter sonata' and I think Huda is hooked now....hahaha last nite we watched till 2.30am......

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kenduri tahlil

Tanggal 13th June saya mengadakan kenduri tahlil di rumah sempena setahun bapak meninggalkan kami...alhamdulillah semua Jellanie clan berkumpul bersama anak2,cucu dan juga cicit2 (total 41 of us?bersama sedekah yasin dan doa kepada kedua ibu bapa kami ... semoga mereka tenang di sana.

The box I've been waiting until I didn't even leave home from monday till thursday and then they claimed that they deliver but no one was home!!!!..... what the hack here I daren't even leave home ...... its the yasin I ordered from Dodie 20 pcs in all ...

After getting the contact number and ref no from Dodie I called them on friday morning and I had to collect from their central .... OMG imagine having to brave the heat and whats more had to stand all the way in the train to and fro take takes 50 minutes one way .... I was sweating even in the train which is airconditioned.

All 20 pieces given away and thank you Dodie :)

Only after the confirmation of the parcel I dare myself to go down to the market and got all the necessary stuff for cooking for the next day....... and here are the dishes that I prepared for all of us..... nak pengsan......Ram and family unfortunately had made plan for the weekend so they were the only absentees ...... but she sends her maid on saturday around 12 noon to help and stay the night.Whilst I do the cooking the maid did the cleaning as you know nowadays I have closed one eye doing all these chores and most of all she did my ironing for me...yippee!and not forgetting Aini also send tante earlier at 3pm to help out so between tante and bibik my job is less.

I was drenched with sweat from the heat .... yes drenched wet after 4 hrs of cooking I didn't feel well maybe dehydrated drank plenty of water and rest in my room for an hour..... from 10am till 2pm I did 4 dishes so only need to do 1 more dish later.......

Bergedil from my sis Lina .....

Serunding ..... I bought too tiring too fry in this heat and also some bought by my sis Ram.

Daging berempah ketumbar jintan I did this first as it takes longer .....

hmmmm.... what a big pot huh?well Jellanie clan is a big number ..... and whats in it?

lemak ayam cili padi.......

Udang berlada .... yum yum...

and sambal goreng ......
Thank you to my brothers and sisters who came with kuih muih and my niece Huda who did the apple crumbles ... sedap Huda next time can do again huh?... hehehe
My brother Baharudin came with 10 pcs of murtabak ... wah really lots of food ...

I forgot to snap pictures of the kuih muih yesterday as I was too busy but here are the balance left ... pandan chiffon from Aini,kuih bakar from sis in law Saba, banana cake from sis in law Ros, epok2 sardine from my sis Lina and that yummy apple crumbles from my niece Huda...hehe ada juga yg tak membawa apa2 but their present were apreciated.
Insya'allah if time permit hope to do it again next year unless I have volunteer amongst the siblings.

Friday, June 12, 2009

In memory always .......

I know its been a year but it seems only like yesterday we were celebrating his 80th birthday on 11th April which was his last ... he left us 2 months later on 11th June 2008.

The happiness on his face as we celebrate for him joy and laughters from the Jellanies .... I would like to share again once more what happen that day ... maybe some of you maybe bored having to watch them again so please skip this page and watch for my next entry ....but to me its not enough even though it brings tears over and over....

Thanks to my niece Huda who recommended vimeo ... now I managed to put up the complete video...

The Jellanie sisters putting up the show just for him our first and maybe last performance....hehe

You may have left us but you are still with us.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Setahun berlalu

Al fathiha

Setahun sudah berlalu arwah bapak meninggalkan kami semua tapi kamu tetap di hati kami
anak2 dan cucu2 merindui mu dgn di iringi doa semoga roh mu di cucuri rahmat sentiasa dan di tempatkan dengan orang2 yg beriman...amin.

Setinggi gunung seluas lautan
Bukan dapat jadi ukuran
Pengorbanan bapak tak ada batasan
Kasih sayangmu tetap berkekalan

Doaku untuk mu bapak
Agar ALLAH memberi restu
Atas segala jasa dan bakti mu
Pahala Syurga ganjaran untuk mu

Terima kaseh ku pada mu
Atas jasa mu membesarkan ku
Atas segala kasih sayang mu

Another entry on atok read here by Huda

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Now and Then

Its almost a year bapak left us and I can see the difference first tv outside only on during the weekend and in the morning when I am having my coffee and reading the I have the remote but I still prefer to watch in my room.

Foodwise I still buy the same stuff to stock the freezer and this is one I can't change and don't ask me why cause I don't have the answer to it.

When there were 2 of us I used to buy the 600gms bread as father love bread and he norm will toast them .....

without him I change to the 400gms even after 10 days the bread only half taken as I am not a bread girl no time to eat in the morning ........ so the bread went stale - mouldy most times.

Lately I bought the smallest 300gms and this also will last for 1 week ..... unless I have sambal tumis ikan bilis to eat with .... hardly toast it as I don't norm take breakfast .... peanut butter been on the shelf last 6-8 months hardly touched.

A 5kg pack of jasmine rice will last me about 2 months ....

Then comes the eggs bought 10 eggs and its still there for 2wks and when I decide to do something with it found that its no longer fresh ............ so now I kept them in the fridge .......

same goes for other stuff sugar 1kg will last for 2 months most time as I prefer things 3 in 1 for coffee and milo and my box of tea is still full like before bapak drinks tea.

Come thursday it will be a year arwah left us and the time just flew by too fast ... his things in the room is still intact maybe after thursday I will keep them.
His clothings which are too big for the brothers and in laws will be given to home for the poor or who ever wants them.
I will do the kenduri tahlil on saturday 13th June.

Some sentimentals valuable been taken by siblings for remembrance and I am keeping one of his watches.

Life is such ................

Monday, June 8, 2009

Being alone

Yes I am still with my korean dramas yet to complete them but nevermind I am on leave whole of this week and am not going anywhere just to take a break and relax at home.The weather is so hot don't think I want to venture out too but look and see how first maybe will go down ... hehe...

I did cook afterall so Zino makan kena juga lah tak kan nak hidup ngan korean movie aje....hahahaha

The beauty being alone tak kisah kan masak ke tak masak.... mandi ke tak mandi sampai ptg ..... rumah tonggang langgang takde sape nak membebelkan.....hehehe

Yesterday's meal bubur lemak ayam with mixed vege .... lunch and dinner .... being alone again no problem eat whatever there is ... cup noodle also ok ... but I still stock my freezer incase siblings come visiting which is rarely now.So once again its fun being alone rite? no one cares ...

Anyway I gave my admistrator 3 of my sisters handphone number to contact incase one morning if I don't turn up for work!! now you hear lots of stories singles living alone found dead after few days......

My sunday was spend again watching tv and k -DVD and am still watching 'Victim of Love' my 4th cd and last night control myself and stop at 11pm and will continue later.... and just few minutes ago was watching 'Cinderella Man' on you tube.... adoi very bad korean virus infection....Norabella HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.

My brunch for today mee goreng ... so dapur berasap kan?..... and maybe thats dinner too ...

ok now to continue with my korean movie..... tata...

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I am a victim now .... adei because of korean drama I forgo my sleep ...... I just couldn't believe that I stayed wide awake watching.... on thursday after I bought 3 more of the korean DVD after 9pm I start to watch Cruel Love and at what time did I stop???? 3am I forced myself to press the stop button otherwise how am I going to stay awake at work?..... with only 3 hrs of sleep I had to wake up when the alarm went at 6am as I have to fry my tanghoon for our breakfast/lunch in school .......

I watch the above solid from 9-3am .......

The tanghoon or glass noodle that I fried that morning .........
I was indeed very sleepy and lucky that during the holidays we get to knock off at 4pm ..... I thought once I am home I can catch few hours of sleep but no I want to know whats the end of the story ....... I watch inbetween sleep ..... and finally when I was not too tired I resume watching it at night ..... and again like crazy must find out whats the end ......I watched till 4.30am...............whattttttttttttt?yes so you can imagine how I felt whole day on saturday .. jet-lag......hahaha

I slept in the afternoon to catch up my lost sleep and of course because of that afternoon sleep I couldn't count the sheep at all and begin a new show 'Victim of Love' a must watch .... a wife's scarifice for her husband ........... and I managed to control myself and pause at 1am ..... so today yours truly will spend her afternoon and continue watching ..........

Hmmmm .... looks like my kitchen will be without smoke today .... cup noodle to the rescueeeeeeee

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Korean drama again

Today I am on leave again but doing nothing relax till noon .. no need to cook yesterday's leftovers quite a fair bit so had lontong for breakfast and late lunch.I am too lazy to do anything my room yg macam tongkang pecah malas nak kemas ..... ishhhhhhhh .... sape2 kalau dtg singgah please don't come to my room ..... the SQ box from my US trip still at same position with the bags I bought still intact ... Norabella mesti geleng kepala....hehe

I watch tv then change to DVD watching Hotelier last episode over and over again ..... not enough watch Winter Sonata last episode again too .... hahaha.... late afternoon decide to watch Little Nyonya all over and realised I did miss some episodes ......

At 6pm decide to take a walk to West Mall bought my printer toner and glossy paper for my photo printing then aha ..... stop by the CDRAMA oh no korean and japanese DVD'S all over ...browse through and unfortunately the one I wanted all no stock so they put my name on their lists when stock arrive they will call me .... and this time its Japanese .... hehe .... the japanese version of Hotelier .. with BYJ as guest artist.

The DVD's I bought today one of them Cruel Love starring my favourite Kwan Sang Woo ......
the other 2 also has actors that I watch before so I guess should be ok ......

I have to get up early 2molo as I have to fry tanghoon for my colleagues its my turn to bring breakfast/lunch since the canteen close during the school holiday.

Just received news instead of 2 princesses I will have another princess coming to stay with in July and maybe next week I have guests too if confirm coming.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Guests from T'Ganu

My guests arrived at 5.45pm after a visit to the bird's park in Jurong ... I think my last visit there must be over 20 yrs ago.....

This is Mulan's 2nd visit to my place her last visit was a year ago ... this minah really make use of the school holidays rounding from east to north to central to east and south and back to central then to Vietnam .... I can imagine how tiring its gonna be in the end.

We had lontong and I am happy the family enjoyed it .... Zharif has good appetite and so is Marsha .... mak and pak jgn cakap enjoy habis ...rite mulan?.... hahaha

Zharif enjoyed the rendang 3 kali tambah tau ..... haha but I am not counting I am happy they are enjoying my cooking ...

Before we say goodbye .... a must picture .... excuse my powderless face .... hehe

Thank you mulan for the goodies ... love them ... the one in the pink bag is a belated birthday gift a set of pink emboidery telekong and sovenirs from HK and Vietnam.

I am dying to try this perencah ikan bakar that mulan brought ... must do it this weekend if I am not doing anything .

more fridge magnets to my collections .... thank you once again.

I am waiting for next month as I will be having 2 princesses coming to stay with me ..... hmm... want to make a guess?.... wonder who?