Sunday, April 24, 2011

3 Abdul

I now have 3 sons - 3 Abdul

2 years ago if you ask me to go near a cat I will shiver and no way will I touch it now thing have changed I can cuddle and kiss them and from 1 I now have 3 'I ask for it!' 2009 it took me months before I said YES to have Billy as her ex family no longer want him.It was a big decision I made and it took courage to finally agree to it and I can tell you now loud and clear I HAVE NO REGRETS:)

Having him in the house makes a lot of different I no longer feel lonely at night he is always there waiting for me to come home from work and waiting to be pampered.We played chase the red dot and catching the 'bird' and he is my alarm clock waking me up dot at 5am and no matter how tired I was I will grant his command!Even during Ramadhan he seems to know he will wake me up at 4.30 for my sahur.

After a year with me comes Jingga my 2nd son in December 2010 after an SOS from CW if I can foster but meeting him first time was like love at first sight if only he's my hero .. hahaha... from a babe now a 7 month little tiger,and from a mere 1kg in weight he has blown to almost 4kg within 3 months.He is full of energy only sleep few hours during the day and that also a very short nap.At times when I am home he will take longer nap of 2-3 hrs at stretch maybe because he is sleeping next to me.A darling very lovable too always wanting your attention and love walking side by side that few times I almost trip on him.Love to go undercover from comforter to rugs and even his little bed.Enjoys eating always asking for more:)

Now barely 5 months I am taking another an abandonee I found downstairs who is very friendly and manja and hence I name him Manja.One morning as I was leaving for work at 6.45am he whimpers calling for my attention,he sat on all fours in a corner on the ground floor he looks so pityful and I happen to have kibbles in my bag and fed him and I ask the pakcik who cleans the block to help throw the bowl for me as I have to rush to work and that evening was raining heavily as I came out of the cab I saw him sitting under the bench and once again gave him the balance kibbles in my bag.I have no bowl so I used an envelope from my mail to put his meal .On and off I see him and when he sees me he will run to me eventhough an uncle has given him kibbles along with some other cats that the uncle is feeding.Manja is like waiitng for me sometimes but last week I was working late didn't reach home till 7.45pm so didn't get to see him.Friday morning he was there and a makcik was also feeding him but ran to me and like an excited kid waiting to see what I ahve in my bag...yes fussie cat for him and the rest is history put him in my carrier and had him neutured and vaccinated etc..etc... Can I bear to put him back on the street after neuturing him?its a shame neither will I send him for boarding awaiting adoption and how if no one want to adopt him?so another big decision I decide to keep him as my 3rd son.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The night full of surprises

1st April 2011 was a night the Jellanies will not forget for a long time.A night full of surprises awaits everyone.Since my birthday I've been keeping the secret of my sister Maria & hubby's arrival to myself as requested by them.I am to arrange dinner when everyone will be together and we chose 1st April to make it into an april fool joke. I smsed to all the siblings that I am giving a treat as a belated birthday treat from me to them with a msg attendance is compulsary!no question asked:) ... Maria and John arrived on 15th March and stayed 1 night before leaving the next morning for Nepal and Bhutan for 2 weeks.My heart was jumping wanting so much to prepare the rest but a promise is a promise. They came back on 30th March and again I met up with them as they were then staying at The Elizabeth as its in the package.For the 2nd time they sneaked to my place for dinner and fyi my youngest sister live 2 blocks away from me. Then came the gala night ... initially we arranged that Maria and John walk in when everyone is present then came the smses some maybe late so we decide we will be there early and wait for them and thats when the shocked & surprised faces as they saw the guests of honour.It was a night of fun fun fun ... the five spice girls ... latifah,maria,lina,ram and aini

the Jellanies occupied the whole room

my still in shock bro in law Kam

John and Maria

Maria and Lina

surprise!! oh you are here...

another surprise sister Aini when she saw Maria and John

beautiful Maria I like this picture:)

me and Maria we are too busy catching up ... but we look so natural this way:)

they bothleft for Texas on sunday evening but before that the weekend was nothing but eat and eat with the siblings.

Till their next visit to Singapore I wish them both good health.