Sunday, November 29, 2009

Billy is here

29th November a date to remember the day Billy boy move in with me .... he was brought in by my buddies CW ,Jereme,Bernard and Peter ..... just like Hang Tuah and gang kan?...hahaa

When he first arrives he was a bit loss he hides behind the tv cabinet but CW push the cabinet in and soon after he starts to walk around looking at his new home -new stuffs and all.
He got adjusted well and found himself a relax place to sit and sprawl ... at the corner of the dining area.

this is his corner now ...

When everyone finally went home he decides to eat and drink ... good boy Billy .....
Finally I open my bedroom door and he follows in and walk around into the washroom etc .... but Billy for tonite you are not sharing the bed ok?..... he sits on the carpet and my foot when I was on the laptop.
Now he is sitting down quietly and watching tv .....
I hope we can get along as we are friends 4ever:)

till my next entry ..............

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Finally the day arrives

Finally the day arrives for me and Adah to go and watch Menopause the Musical at Victoria theatre.It was a superb show a must to watch.The singing was wonderful and it really makes us laugh throughout.

After the show we took a walk back to The Fulklerton Hotel where we park the car and alomng the way we decide why not snap some pictures as you can see its a tourist spot so we pretend being tourist too...hahaha

One more day and Billy will be here ... as a matter of fact I am feeling nervous,jittery and unsure if I will make a good 'mama' for him......butterfly feeling in my tummy.
Please pray for me that Billy and I will get along and will be together till death do us part.
Till my next entry ..........

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Billy's present

Billy is one lucky cat I should say before he even comes things have been pouring in for him:)
Yesterday I was given 'an aquarium' by one of our school vendor who does the students visa and students pass .... he is also running this aquarium supply and he gave the school,the principal and me.....yeah how lucky I am:) and its just nice for Billy to look at with the'fishes' swimming around.

Its abt 6 feet tall and I ahd to drag that home today and set it up ..... so beautiful :)

Beautiful colours rite?

Selamat menyambut Aidil Adha pada semua kawan2 di Singapura mahu pun di mana2 anda berada.

till my next entry ............

Monday, November 23, 2009

With the baby in my arm ...

What is it like to hold the baby you've been waiting for finally?....happy of course and I thank god that I didn't shed my tears of happiness.

The opportunity of meeting Billy became reality last saturday .... its my usual saturday to visit my buddies and followed by dinner ..... I arrived just after 5pm and before I can step foot into the house CW brought me to Serene's place so I can meet Billy ... and at that moment my heart beat was going fast as I wasn't sure if Billy will accept me as his new 'mama':)

It was a wonderful feeling its like carrying a baby ..... Billy is an awesome tabby afterall who doesn't move at all and most of all he gets to touch my face - maybe to get that feel!!!.....ok did I pass your test Billy boy?

This is going to be a busy week being the last week of school before the break starts and end in mid January....... yahoo no kiddos will come and disturb me at the sickbay.
I am taking 5 days leave so that Billy can get adjusted with me in a new home,new area and new mama.

till my next entry............

Countdown - 6 days to go.....

With 6 days more to go .... my heart beat getting faster than ever .... hehehe
Yesterday my bro in law Saat went to collect the cat's playhouse for me - its compliment from Billy's present mom Serene ..... thank you Serene.

Followed with abundance of luck my 2 wonderful buddies - friends are 4ever CW and Jereme gave me a supplies of cat litter and cat's food dry and wet .... Billy you are one lucky cat my dear.

A big jar of dry food that will last for months .... hmmm unless Billy is a big eater ..... hahaha

Wet cat food only if Billy is good mama will reward him with it once a week like brother Garpy at home.

The dry food looks like cocoa cereals huh?

and 35 litre of cat litter .......
Looks like I am ready for my baby to come but wait I have to buy a cat carrier first ...... ok mama will go shopping this weekend and get one.

till my next entry.........

Sunday, November 22, 2009

At last we meet

History was made yesterday for the first time I get to meet Billy in person and I carried him .... its history in the making.....he is so adorable and cute.

Billy in my arms .... my baby:)

Serene is Billy mom who has been looking after him the last 1 year and due to unforseen matter she has to rehome Billy and as from next sunday Billy will is moving in with me .... YES! I am adopting him and darling Billy is going to be companion in my lonely days and nights.

Officially Billy is coming on 29th November exactly a year Serene adopted him .......

more pictures and video to follow soon.

till my next entry .........

Friday, November 13, 2009

World Kindness Day

Today is world kindness day .... at school today I received a daisy from one of the teachers .. the daisy is token of friendship and be kind to your friends.

Cikgu Chin is different she said flowers 'akan layu' which is right and instead she gave a laminated pantun for keeps.

Thank you cikgu Chin you make my day:)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Almost there .....

It won't be long before Billy boy will be with me ... I am giving the family to be with him a little longer afterall Billy been with them for a year.

I was cleaning my stuff and realised that I have too many baskets from hampers which are too nice to be thrown away so this gives me an idea .......

From this empty basket ....

I decide to throw in some old chair pads thats still too nice to be thrown away ... infact tante did ask for it and I kept them but she had been home and back and the chairpads were forgotten.

The end result a very comfortable daybed for Billy ..... hope he likes it:)
and I can predict that Billy boy will be sleeping with me in the end......hehehe
till my next entry ...........

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Safety for Billy .....

At last sayang mama can come and stay but only when I can have few days leave so I can get acquinted with Billy .... First of all I like to thank uncle Chris for his help to fix the wire mesh for me - it really save lots of money otherwise I had to change window grilles to smaller measurement and thats going to cost a bomb!and moreover the gate will be another problem as I am not willing to have it change as that gate of wrought iron cosy me 1.6K

Sayang mama Garpy my love for you will never change not even a bit - you are my first love and because of you darling the fear of touching a cat disappear within a day "love at first sight"... hahaha

Sayang mama - Billy who will soon be my companion to play with and keep me entertain with his tricks ..... mama will love you too darling:)
Before you can come and stay mama have to make sure the house is safe for you to live in as mama will be working and you be alone for few hours.

plastic wire mesh been put up at windows and gate .....

I would also like to thank a lady who has left tips to care on cats to 'go beyond the horizon' thank you so much for you help being a first time cat mama it is a very useful info.
More pictures of Billy when he finally move in ..... wait patiently ah:)
till my next update ............


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

For Billy part 2

Darling Billy will be sayang mama (besides Garpy)hopefully soon and when Billy moves in his safety is guaranteed as gates and window grilles are meshed but its me who seem to be living in a tight security home Hedgehog hahaha

Introducing Billy the name sound cute maybe I will stick to his present name .... or shall I call him by another name? any suggestions please ......

The kitchen windows are all been meshed with the plastic wire mesh ..... on sunday my bro in law Saat bought for us to try @ $9/- per metre at a supplier and yesterday when uncle Chris and my bro went to the DIY shop its $30/- per roll of 2 metres - makoi what a diff in price !!!!
but for Billy safety it has to be done or else I am disqualified ..... hehe

The gate too are done now problem the newspaper man couldn't put the morning paper into the gate so I have to unlock the gate and go out to get it but you know rite early in the morning in my sexy ooopss flimsy night dress :) hopefully the neighbours still asleep ... kah kah kah ..

Ok Billy the house will soon be safe enough for you to move in but unfortunately I can't have you yet as I need to have few days leave so I can get acquinted with you so that you won't feel homesick. That means its during the school holiday only when I can apply for leave ..... btw how am I going on holiday now? who is going to look after Billy? any volunteers?

Till my next entry .............

Sunday, November 1, 2009

For Billy part 1

This is Billy who will soon be coming to live with me ... better be good ah Billy :)

Before he arrives all safety has to be looked into ... windows and gate need to be safe enough for him ...

Plastic wire mesh installed at the gate so he won't be able to squeeze through the panels ..... I am very lucky that uncle Chris came and got his help ..... initially he wanted to put sq rods in between the gap but for the gate is made of wrought iron - it will be difficult to drill it.
My bro in law when to look for the stuff and found this plastic wire mesh .... so he bought 2 metres to give it a try ... and ole got the green light from 'big boss' ..... shhhhhhhhh

Help from another bro in law Yazid and uncle Chris who is here for holiday from darwin .... thanks everyone for the kind offer of help ... will teach Billy to say thank you too:)

The bottom half of the gate done ..... not bad rite?

View from outside not too bad either .... but why does it looks like I am living in a jail now?..... hahaha

to be continued .......