Friday, July 31, 2009

Nurses Day

Happy nurses day to myself for tomorrow 1st August is Nurses Day in Singapore hmm.... the goodies bag above is from the nurses association but unfortunately its all gone first come first serve ........

Well since it falls on a saturday that means both teratai and myself won't be celebrating it but we both wish each other before we left for home just now.

If we work in hospital we definately get wishes from patients like above .... hehehe ......

Have a nice weekend and till my next entry .............

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Update ...update

Ok dah update ada juga orang yang cari bila saya tak update so kira2 masih ada yang sayang rupa nya .... *senyum*gembira .... hehehe

Sebetul nya sekarang ni malas sedikit nak buat entry tapi di FaceBook ada juga buat small entries ....

Its charity time again at school from the year 2 students .... they came non stop to the sick bay...hmmm below are some of the things I bought ... from cookies to cupcakes ..... afterall the $$$ the students collected will be send to charity homes of choice.

Assorted cakes $8.00 worth .... they were made by students and families.

Assorted cookies also .... each for $1.00 .....
I hope tomorrow no more .... hahaha
In a way its good that the children are being thought to help the needy so I have to support them by buying whatever they are selling .......
Tonite just too lazy to walk and buy dinner knowing I have nothing left in the fridge ... all leftovers during Sofie and Maya's visit all gone.

My dinner maggi asam laksa flavour - plain with just an egg .......
till my next entry ..........

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Salam takziah

Al fathiha di atas pemergian seorang tokoh yang saya kagum dengan kerja nya ...... good bye Yasmin semoga roh mu di cucuri rahmat olih Nya.

I've watched most of her movies and commercials ... it touches our heart ......

haha a good laugh watching this ..... his love terkantoi ....

Yesterday also I said goodbye to the 2 princess who left for KL and then back to Kemaman on monday together with their father who is arriving back from Abu Dhabi.

I've enjoyed having them for 3 nights eventhough I only get to see them in the evening it was fun chatting and having them as company for dinner otherwise its always eating alone.We talked about their study in Ukraine for Sofie and Korea for Maya.

The charity cupcakes I bought from the students ... whats left yesterday ......

Sofie and Maya before their departure yesterday taken on the corridor outside my pigeon hole ..... as I've said to them yesterday they are welcome to come again anytime and stay with me.
till my next entry .....

Friday, July 24, 2009

Their last night

Yes its Sofie and Maya last night with me even though we only spend the evening together I am getting use to having them to chat with me and having dinner with....comes tomorrow night I am back to square one again - lonely nights.

Initially I am to bring them to IMM and jln2 at Daiso then followed by dinner at Bagus food court but Sofie wasn't feeling well so Maya and me took a walk at my neighbourhood and showed her what the neighbourhood have to offer.

I bought chicken rice for everyone ....

Maya bought the above rojak buah .....
When we passed by the book shop I bought Aisya Sofea novels ....

then I saw 'Far Away' without realising that its the translation of her novel 'Jauh' in english ..... uwahhhhhhhhhh but never mind still can read it.
The girls will be leaving early tomorrow so I'd better sleep early too.
Have a nice weekend everyone and wanmommy Iam passing back your princesses back to you.
till my next entry

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Princesses 2nd day in Sg

Their 2nd day in Singapore for these 2 girls and where did they go? to Sentosa of course and they spent the whole day there plenty to do and see .....

I got home at 5.30pm today as its my turn to leave at 5pm since the girls were not home yet I managed to catch half anhour of my korean movie .... hehehe ....
They were surprise to see me home when they got back at 6 plus ....

Maya undecided which to eat first ... hmmm.... banana or chicken?......

Breakfast this morning was nasi lemak ..... but nothing much just egg omelette and ikan bilis .... the chicken was from the KFC for dinner.

Dinner home delivery KFC chicken with leftover of nasi lemak.

Posing time with Maya .....

then with Sofie ..... ni kan mama dia orang tengok mesti jeles 100% .... hahahaha

Tomorrow they plan to go on the duck tour and hippo-bus tour .....

till next entry .............

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Princesses from Ganu

The 2 princesses from Kemaman Ganu arrived this morning by Air Asia landing at Changi Airport and since I can't take leave to see to them they have to be on their own till I get home.The 2 girls went to Suntec City from the airport - I am really sorry ya that I am unable to meet both of you.

Maya sms me at 6.15pm to say that they are already at my place downstairs ... too tired nak jalan2 lagi and anyway I was already on my way home.

The 2 princesses both busy online ... haha ... luckily there are 3 laptops at home so each of us has one each to surf.I woke up early and cook curry chicken and rice before going to work so by time I got home I just need to fry the vege and fry bergedil for our dinner.

They brought with them gifts ......

From wanmommy .... thank you very much ... magnets dah kat fridge lupa nak amek gambar.

From Neeza in Saudi .... thank you to you too :)

From Sofie a box of chocolates.

Ni best of all socks of Bae Yong Joon ..... woohoo rocks man:)

and of course cosmetic pouch of BYJ ..... I love Yong Joon .......... hahaha
Tomorrow the girls plan to go to Sentosa for the day and I hope it won't rain and anyway have given them a small umbrella to bring with them.
Good night.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dark chocolates

I received the dark chocolate from dear J who just came back from Canada after 3 weeks holiday
dark chocolate is my favourite so I guess he knows what to buy to fatten me up ... hahaha ....
Whilst he was in Canada he managed to go on tha Alaskan Cruise too and from there he bought for me fridge magnets - the gifts to some may not be what to expect but to me its the thought that counts.

Dark chocolate is healthy to eat you can read more about it below ....

Look at Garpy I think he is lap cat love to be cuddled ... but makoi he is too fat and heavy ......

ok sad news is I won't be looking after him as I think C is going to miss him if he comes to me so I compromise and instead will play with Garpy when I visit them which I think will be quite often now ..... and C suggest getting another he has a few waiting for adoption but I rather not as I may not love it as much as I like Garpy... if you are a cat lover like him you can view here for pictures of meow-meow ....

Looks like my meditation is over now so will be blogging quite often:)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Meeting my buddies again

Today I get to meet my buddies again after a long lapse .... It was great seeing them again :)
Initially they are suppose to fecth me halfway for our dinner appt @ Cili Padi Nyonya Restaurant but in the morning J ask me over to their new place and I told him I will decide later.

Anyway since I have nothing on I make the trip to their place around 2plus and before that I went to get a birthday cake and some puff pastry to bring along since its also J's birthday too.

My 3 heroes remember in my past entries I wrote about shoulders to lean on well those photos were taken 10 yrs ago and here they are 10 years later and hehehe see how much we have aged.
In the picture you can see J sitting with C and B standing.

With J the birthday boy ....

With C who has been giving me moral support all these years ....

We hugged each other as it has been sometimes we get together again ... feel so wanted with them around .... hahaha .....

This is Garpy above ... there are 4 cats in this house ... C loves animals and he goes round and house stray cats into the cattery .....

Garpy is the youngest in the house and he is adorable ... C ask me if I want to keep Garpy?I still have phobia with cats ... but somehow tonite I was able to touch him and scratch him and even carried him .... think we have fatal attraction....hahahaha

He seriously wants me to keep Garpy so I have companion at home ....

What do you think should I?

When B arrived we proceed to our dinner @ Cili Padi - a buffet at the University of Singapore....the food was ok and the restaurant was full house...but I won't come again if I can help it unless someone give a treat.

till my next entry ....

Friday, July 17, 2009

Downtown East

125 of the our year 5 students went to the above place for a 2days 1 nite camp - an orientation on extended essays and economics studies to prepare themselves for the 2010 exam.Its the IB Residential camp organise by the school.

I was called to go to the camp at 2pm as 1 of the students was taken ill with high fever last nite and with the flu like symptoms.He was seen by the medical centre and sent off and to quarantine himself incase of H1N1.... hopefully its not:) ....

I left school at 2pm and took a cab and the journey itself took an hour .... the students were shocked to see aunty nurse arrival so they were explained why I was there and my task of taking their temperatures begins ..... 124 of them and plus 5 teachers ( ni semua cikgu2 matsalleh plus 1 local teacher).

I join them for tea-break and wow nice yummy finger picking food .... assorted sandwiches,samosa,onion rings and fruit tartlets...not bad huh for a camp and we were served in one of the many halls.It was a half hour break and back to more talks after that ..... I sat and listen to them explaining the nature of their subject which is very interesting.

This is the rooms where the students and teachers attending stayed for the night at the chalet .... I think next time who knows they may include a nurse in attendance ... hahaha .....

I stayed till 4pm and left them to listen to Pat Simmonds economic startegy to aim for good marks in the exam.

Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera with me otherwise there's plenty to snap ... like the above was at the entrance and they also have the wet wet world and more rides.

Ok this is all for now and back to my meditation again.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Sebagai selingan .....

Akan kembali tak lama lagi....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Silence is golden


Monday, July 13, 2009

Adriana turns 6 .......

Its party time again with the Jellanies unfortunately a few couldn't make it but nevertheless we had fun esp the children .... all I did just eat and eat and eat......hehehe .... I didn't even bring anything as I couldn't go the market with my leg like this ... but alhamdulillah the pain is much less today.

Halfway thru' the party we had a surprise arrival of Barney ...... the children were shocked and that include the birthday girl as no one knew about it except for Ram and of course Barney is non other than her hubby my bro in law Saat ...... he rented the suit for $120 for 3 days but its been use only for the party.

There were 3 people celebrating the birthday in July .... Adriana and my sis Aini and another niece Shasha so each of them get to cut the cakes.

Happy birthday to all the July babies.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bloggers Meet April 2009...membawa seribu kenangan manis.

At last I find time to make the movie of our first makcik bloggers meet in April this year....I feel energetic today to try and do this.

Still not a perfect result but plenty of room for improvement for the next movie....hahaha

Can anyone tell me where I can download songs for free to my laptop?

This is only the beginning the next movie of the 2nd meeting will have a better song ....
So enjoy watching the movie eventhough its a short one it still take time to edit it.

Updated at 8.50pm

2nd makcik bloggers meet on 19th April 2009 and this time my timing is better ....

I did better this time music stop as planned ...

Have a nice weekend everyone:)

Happy watching.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Achilles tendonitis

I am on 2 days medical leave due to above actually I had the pain since tuesday but ignored it until yesterday the pain doesn't seem want to go away and it was worst in the evening that I can't even turn when I am sleeping to one side.

This morning when I woke up I can't even put my gear on so had to limp to the wash room ..... call in sick and went to see the doctor when the pain was less after taking my painkiller.I was diagnosed with achilles tendonitis ..... my tendon at back of leg is inflammed ....need rest and anti inflmmatary medicines along with pain killer.
I also will have to do my own physio to help ease the swelling .... and due to this my kitchen is closed .... hahaha....

Tonite prob will eat nestum again along with banana and hope by tomorrow the pain will be less.
Anyone has korean new dramas to loan me since I can't walk to buy them .... hehehe

The weekend is coming soon oh how fast the time flyyyyyyyyyyy

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Still around

Yes I am still around only been on the lazy mode .... lazy to do an entry .... lazy to bloghop and lazy even to cook ..... I hope it won't be long and hope too I will be 100% back to normal mode.

I have to come in an hour earlier than before because we have to take temperatures of 750 students in the morning .... even though I am using the scan its very tiring having to stand and shoot at them and whats more with mask and gloves on ... I sweat like hell.If before I leave home at 8am now I have to leave at 6.45am .... what a diff!!!

On monday being youth day the school was having a holiday but I was asked to come in from 9-2pm to check on 30 odd students who came back for rehearsal of Grease and I also was arranging the temporary sick bay for those with complains of flu like symptoms.It on the first floor of CF room....the stairs leading up and down is narrow and steep being a container.I think whilst coming down I may have pulled a ligament or muscle of my right foot and its very painful when walking and sleeping at night.I have to use the ankle guard to support it ... so you can imagine aunty nurse limping ......

Students came back to school yesterday after 5 weeks break .... the foreign students of course most of them balik kampong to be with their families except for those with importants exams due remain for extra classes etc....
My Taiwanese student John Han came to see me yesterday with a big smile and say '' aunty elle I have something for you".... haha its fridge magnets of Taiwan ... he knows I collect them as I put a few at my filing cabinet.Teachers and staff that went away also give me key chains and aromatic oil and food stuff.

I think tomorrow morning if I wake up still with pain I feel like calling in sick ..... hehehe

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Solid at last

After 2 weeks on soft diet and baby food finally I get to eat solid food as from yesterday but being lazy to cook yesterday I live on porridge and and for dinner I had nestum .Went for my dental follow-up yesterday and at last my gum has healed and can chew on solid food.

This morning I went to have my hair cut and I went to get chicken rice for my lunch .... oh how yummy it was at last get to eat rice .... hahaha

The chicken rice I bought from the neighbourhood stall I ask for extra chicken so it costs S$4/- worth every bite of it .... but dinner tonite again I just had nestum again ... it shows that I am getting lazy into cooking now and I may end up just with porridge and instant soup and nestum.
Tomorrow I have to be in school from 9-2.30pm all because the cast for Grease are coming in for rehearsel ..... bikin orang susah aje.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Weekend is here again

The weekend is here again and then back to monday blues .... arghhhhhhh .... monday is youth day so no school but poor aunty nurse has to come in for half a day because some students are coming in for Grease rehearsel so need to monitor them with temperature taking and travel declaration and since I am there I will be organising the temp sick bay too due to this stupid H1N1 things ..... afterall its droplet infection and not airborne ...... why want to make so much fuss ............

Here are some of Will latest picture he will be 2 today so its HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAREST WILL ..... we love you.

Last night Dr Adah came to visit bringing dinner for me ... laksa for herself and fish slice soup for me and fried carrot cake.She says she has been thinking of me since last week and after reading my blog she finds something not rite .... hahaha....she called and I told her I am ok but insist on coming and ask what I want to eat?.... doc you are one in million even my own siblings won't bother :( ....thank you doc adah for being there too.
Happy weekend :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009