Thursday, December 31, 2009

People I met in 2009

Recalling back I think 2009 is a good year I get to meet so many friends from all over may it be in Singapore or Malaysia.

Bloggers and bloggers children whether staying with me for 2-3 nights or just passing thru' Singapore ... the main thing they are willing to come and meet me ... I am happy and may my years to come be as blessed as this year too.

Let the pictures do the talking with whom I met so far this year .......

Wanmommy's 2 daughters who stayed with me in July Sofie and Maya who were on summer holiday.

My buddies CW and Jereme - 24 yrs of friendship:)

my buddies Bernard,Jereme and Peter -hari raya '09

Hari raya visit CW,Jereme and Peter

Mulan and family came for early dinner in June - thank u Muni sudi singgah.

hmmm.... the beauties .. cikmilah,Dodie,me,Mas,Raden Galoh and Ummi in KL April @ the curve.

with Mas

with Dodie

with Raden Galoh launching her first book ...

with tulipurple

with ummi and tulipurple

with Anie and Aeez

with kak ezza and pB
with Raden Galoh again ...stay well sis:)

with Kak Nong and her hubby

with Zino and family

with Nurazzah

with Cikmilah ....

with novelist Anis Ayuni during the bookfair in KL

another novelist Aina Emir

my favourite novelist Aisya Sofea

with Nora.mamajambu and Mimi

Ummi and her children @ the Zon

Bloggers meet at the Melting Pot - Concorde Hotel.

Dodie,ummi365,kak nong,kak ezza,me,maklang and Mas

With Mas and Dodie -KL

Nora and mamajambu -

Maria and John Jan 2009

with cat cat aka catherine looi from Virginia

another vovelist Isa Kamari

with cat cat 2 girls Emma and Annabel who stayed with me for 3 nights in Jan 2009

Hazia who came on tuesday 29th Dec and going home tomorrow 1st Jan 2010

Mas and Dodie came Oct 2009.

Also in 2009 I met mak andeh but no pictures and also Sya also pictures not allowed:(

Thank you Allah for giving me so many friends from the cyber world.

Wishing each and everyone of you

A HAPPY 2010 may it brings better health and all in life.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday's brunch of nasi lemak

Sunday morning after reading wanmommy's menu of nasi lemak I decide to have that too for brunch .... only mine is just a simple one - ok since its just for myself.

just sambal eggs with mixed stir fry veges and ikan bilis ..... heaven to me Tongue Out 2

Everytime I do my washing Billy get very excited as he loves the flow of the water from the darinage.....lately my direct drainage always get choked so now I just let it drain into the washroom as the washroom is hardly in use now unless I have guests in the house.

Billy gets all excited:)

till my next entry ....

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas day with Billy

Its 3 days to our 1 month being together and thank god Billy adjusted well with me,he will come to me when he needs something 'that if I understand cat language'....hehe

I did some baking again in my oven toaster and this time I did the moist cake as below....

I top some of them with chocolate glaze .....

Happy 1 month anniversary darling ... but too bad you can't eat the cake just ...sniff...sniff ... only.

ok first time he run into the wardrobe and nestled himself.....

when I was busy baking I found him fast asleep on my lappie in my room ..... poor Billy.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Archilles tendinitis again

The last few days I had my archilles tendonitis again of my left foot/ankle ... pain was bearable but yesterday morning I couldn't even step on it and had to limp walking to the washroom first thing in the choice I had to call in sick.I saw the doctor and he gave me 3 days medical leave and yesterday afternoon I made a prior arrangement to meet our local writer Mr Isa Kamari because I ordered 2 books by him.

Alhamdulillah after taking my volatren and danzen the pain was less after 5 hrs and managed to see him at City Hall as arranged ... with a bit of limp I took a cab and even managed to browse for a retail therapy .... hahaha

there he is a very humble person and after all that he won't take my $$$ for the books - he said he is glad that I am reading his books:).... thank you Mr Isa god bless you and semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan semasa di tanah suci membuat umrah.

the 2 top books that I wanted and he throws in a bonus for the 3rd book....
after he left I went into Robinson and shop at Mark & Spencer and bought for myself accessories.

and I treated myself with a new Swatch watch with a bigger face - nowadays my eye sight is getting from bad to worst ..... this is not an excuse but I do need a bigger face to see the time.
Now I am home with 3 days MC plus 3 days xmas weekend .... can't go anywhere as Billy need a cat sitter - any volunteers?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Makan2 with buddies again

Saturday 19th evening the buddies came to visit with Billy new litter bin ... and I prepared mee siam for dinner and almond jelly with longans for dessert.

Sayang mama so manja .....

Billy say he is in a very strong arm who loves him a lot ...

the kuih2 I bought from the market .... kuih tarditional.

we chat while CW busy taping us..

Almond jelly with longans

CW and Jereme with spoilt Billy getting all the attention.

mixed veges with vegetarian prawns and sotong

sambal telur

Butter cake baked by Peter

the mee siam .... syiok gila....hahaha
its nice when you have visitors otherwise it can be lonely with just 2 of us day in and day out ..... do come again friends.

till my next entry........