Saturday, December 12, 2009

Billy Visitors

Today Billy has visitors came to see him they miss him a lot after 2 weeks ..... they are Billy ex mummy Serene and kor kor Aston.I think they are very happy to see each other he clings to them afterall Billy was with them for 1 year.I can see Aston is very close with Billy he hugs him and kiss him same as Serene.

At the time they were here I call him dia buat dunno aje...tak layan but now they have left balik asal mengesel kat kaki .... hehehe

Billy and his 2 mummies ....... see everyone love you darling.

With kor kor Aston

with my mummy who always cuddle me in bed:)

and mummy Serene who looked after me for 1 year ....
I fried bee hoon for them and am glad Aston had lots of helping so I have nothing to stuff in the fridge.
I did invite them to come again whenever they miss Billy and I think they will .....
here's a video I took of Billy trying to catch the bird:)

till my next entry ..............


go beyond the horizon said...

can see the way he face on Serena's chest. the body language. he still missed them. it will take some times for him to really accustomed to a new place and owner.
i wonder when you called him he just ignore you. normally they will responding by meowing at least whilst getting attention from whomever he was unto.
give it a few months. please mandikan dia kak. pakai baby shampooo ok.

i recalled wa friend who has a kitten for a year and a half. when she went away,she left the cat with a friend. when she came for a visit to this friend, she among the group of cats, when she called the cats, the cat stepped out from the group and go to her. then the cat was so attached and pity she wasy there for 2 weeks. so the cat looks kinda lost. kesian.
long story..

billy is behaving rather manja and loving that character; a reflection of the prev.owner. they probably hugged and stroke him a lot. so he was used to human stoking and touiching.

Kak Elle said...


he just look at me masa i call him its ok I tak kisah lah afterall he was look after by serene for 1yr mesti lah manja sikit.