Thursday, May 7, 2015

Salam to all

Salam to all my daily happenings is now surrounded by felines story my 2 indoors and 4 that I am feeding at the void deck downstairs.I have become one crazy cat lady :) I was never a cat person or anything furry at all until 7 yrs ago.

After bapak left us I live alone in my apartment so a friend suggested to adopt a cat as companion as siblings have their own families and has no time for visit now that bapak no longer around.
Alhamdulillah I have no regret infact looking forward to come home after work and be greeted by the 2 at the door.
Once they are fed they will keep me company may it be at my feet or on the dining table sleeping on my hand as their pillow.

6 weeks ago Jingga was sick and warded at the vet with an enlarged bladder 3 times the size of an original bladder that he was leaking as the contraction doesn't work,then he was found to be jaundice too with a very high liver enzyme.The vet gave me  a 50-50 chance of recovery if liver is badly damaged and hence kidney maybe affected too.I look at the bright side to the good 50% as J is only 4.5 yrs old he will recover and bounce back.Only Allah knows how I felt that time crying myself to sleep and my doas for him to be fit again.
His stay in hospital and follow ups do cost a bomb with that amt of money paid I could have bought an airticket to the states rtn trip and visit my sister in Texas....but his health comes first.
Every follow up at the vet its at least $180/- for blood test and medicines.

The last scan we did on Tuesday his bladder has shrunk to normal size again and his liver enzyme is down by half and am hoping in 2 wks times it will come down further.
The last 3 weeks he had 3 episode of blood in his urine so further test done and I am waiting for his result and hope Dr Travis will give me good result soon.

Jingga's favourite spot to sleep on my hand when I am online .....

Billy's favourite spot on my arm ......

enough of cats for today till my next entry ....

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cat talk .....

Salam to all today is the date line to write but I am sick down with flu even Jingga my precious 4 legged baby has been unwell so both mama and baby had to see doc and vet.

Animal's medical bill is higher than human and so are their meals and toilet stuff comparing my marketing and their shopping mine is nothing compared to theirs....but I can't complain I adopted them so its my responsibilty to look after them.I have 2 of my own indoor and I am feeding 4 downstairs.

When I am much better I will write more this is just the beginning to welcome back to blogging.

With love from all 3 of us.

Sunday, May 3, 2015


I have more nieces than nephews who are still singles one by one will be getting married in times to come some already have partners some still in school.Last December a nephew and niece got married and now 5 months later another niece.....and Insya'allah another next year.

Yesterday was Syda's wedding held at Desa Kartika all in one akad nikah till bersanding before the couple left to change their outfit for another ceremony held by the groom's family at the SAF Yatch Club.

Alhamdulillah the event went well with families and friends attending the simple ceremony.Relatives whom we haven't met for a long time were present too.Its the only way always met at weddings :)
The function ended at 4.30pm and I even managed to drop in Metro which is just few metres away to get kitchen floor rugs.

The groom host the dinner for their friends and families ....

Till the next wedding ....

Friday, May 1, 2015

Coming back to blogging

Salam to all once again this blog had been in sleeping mode the last 5 yrs after I got hooked on .
Anyway My Daily Happening is now all about my 2 adopted sons and more godchildren at the void deck so nothing much on other activities and fyi its going to be boring for the non animal lovers.
Even my had stopped input recipes from my kitchen sad to say.

Bapak left us 7 yrs ago and how time flies day in and day out I am with the furkids less visiting from siblings too and less outing now too no makan2 and no jalan jalan either.....boring rite?

I cook as and when and most time live on leftovers or food from the food centres and of course instant noodles.I am doing less entertainment too so less activities in the kitchen.....laziness has conquered :)

I am still working - no work no income and kitties won't get good food on their plates so I will still work as long as I can and in Singapore retirement is unheard of....medical fees are high and cats medical fees are even higher sad to say.Jingga has been in poor health with his waterworks and his liver his vet fees left a big hole in pocket and more follow ups to come....there goes my intended holiday unless someone willing to sponsor my airticket :)

I have been invited by Kak Teh... for us bloggers to make a comeback on 6th May 2015.This is the place I once frequent and made friends from all over the world - cyber friends and have met lots of them in reality too.In London in 2007 met  up with Kak Teh so sweet of her coming to the hotel in the evening.

Whether or not I will be blogging again lets wait and see.