Saturday, August 28, 2010

Its been a long time

Salam to all and Ramadhan Kareem too and I have been too lazy to blogs hop or even writing an entry no other excuse but pure laziness.

Nevertheless I had visitors from blogger friends this year alhamdulillah and been to KL again to attend a cousin's wedding in July.

The Jellanie clans 80% attended the wedding in July in KL ,we left on saturday morning and in time for the ceremony and the 6 Jellanie siblings all stayed 1 night in KL but in different hotels.As usual we did nothing but eat and shop:) esp the hotel I stayed is just opposite the Pavillion at The Marriots.We left on sunday soon after lunch and got home after we stopped in JB for dinner.

A visit from Rina with hubby Anuar which actually was a surprise for me.Anuar did inform me he will be in Sg for an inspection of the plant and on the day he was to visit me with ole2 from Saudi he called and said a friend would like to join too:) and that 'friend' was actually Rina who was hiding by the wall next to the gate!! SURPRISE.....hahaha .... notti notti lucky I didn't get a heart attack.

I also had the honour of this young man Dr Jhaz visit and he stayed with with me for 3 nights with my nephew in house.Jhaz love Billy from the way he treated him and I am glad Billy has a companion whilst I am at work.Jhaz of course also did lots of sight seeing during the day in his short visits.Thank you Jhaz sudi tinggal ngan aunty mohom maaf kalau tak dapat layanan 5* ya.

I will be adopting this cutie soon once I have a longer weekend I will bring Suzzy home as she needs monitoring to introduce Billy to her.I hope Billy is agreeable and will be a good brother to her.

Another surprise from my dear friend from Perth ... so many suprises indeed this year.Kay and hubby Victor came to visit her mom before going to HK to stay with her sister.Her sister called me at work and said she has something for me from Perth and ask what time I knock off from work.When the receptionist told me someone looking for me I was expecting the sister and instead I saw Kay and Victor.....uwah lucky no heart attack also....she brought with her my favourite vindaloo rempah and tees....thank you Kay.

A picture of me and Billy my handsome boy.

Then its Salwa and family visit as well ... the purple family ... hehehe ... beautiful children who loves cat just like the father Nasrul.Thank you for coming to visit me and do come again ye jangan serik.

Soon it will be raya and just incase if I am unable to blog again here's wishing everyone
Maaf dhazir batin.


silversarina said...


helloooo ... long time no see laaahh ...

anyhow, so nice to have a chance to make a surprise visit to see you and of course that billy boy ...

selamat hari raya ..maaf zahir dan batin akak, ampun dari hujung rambut hingga ke hujung kaki ye akak .

Kak Elle said...

Rina tak tau angin apa pagi ni sempat pulak buka blog yg lama tersadai tu.
Saya pun nak ucapkan selamat menyabut lebran dan jika ada silap,terkasar bahasa masa berguarau2 harap ampun dan maaf juga maklum lah manusia selalu membuat kesilapan sengaja atau tak sengaja kan.

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Elle,
Suzy looks like Brad!!!! Anyway, rindu tau! purrr....meow!

Kak Elle said...

hehehe I am back once a while ok dear...oh so Suzzy looks like Brad ye?


Wahh kak elle...loong time tak glad seeing you back in bloggerworld hehehe...

seronok dapat visit from friends n relatives kan..

Selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin too kak.

JHaZKiTaRo said...

woww.. long time since your last update.. heheh.. anyway, thanx for letting me stay at your house.. and thanx for the warm singaporean hospitality from u n your nephew, Hadi.. and also billy boy.. hehe.. missing him a lot..

Kak Elle said...


angin baik dtg nak buat update next one ntah bila

Kak Elle said...


most welcome.. anytime nak mai you know there's always a room for you.

by then maybe Suzzy will be around too hopefully:)